Damsels Dressed With Ropes

Release Date: Dec.09.2011
Running Time: 0:46:47
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Sadie Moreau, Sherri Reynolds, Tiffany Marshall, Charlie Royce, Tiffany Thomas, Marcela Marin


Sadie Moreau's a dynamic little actress, so she gives 100% while auditioning for her role as a grabbed heroine, but she seems rather surprised to be quite so tightly bound! Trussed up in an armchair, Sadie emotes convincingly both before and after she's cleave-gagged, then rolls onto the floor, where she continues to play her role energetically!


Sherri Reynolds makes a big mistake when she allows Tiffany Marshall to smooth-talk her way through Sherri's front door; once inside, Tiffany's joined by her thuggish boyfriend and Sherri's soon a bound and tape-gagged prisoner in her own home! When her partner betrays her, however, Tiffany joins Sherri in bondage that leaves both women struggling side-by-side on the couch!


Bondage goes from tricky to tough for Charlie Royce, who's tape-gagged and restrained in an armchair! Her hands roped under her legs and tethered to her ankles at first, athletic Charlie's still not sufficiently immobilized for her captor's liking, so her hands are drawn up over her head by one long rope linked to her feet!


Imagine the surprise of demure Tiffany Thomas when she returns home and finds her husband conferring with a woman she's never met about matters Tiffany would prefer to keep private. Those matters involve his desire to see his sweet blonde wife neatly bound and gagged; since his guest is Nikki Nefarious, his fantasy's soon brought to life, with the stunned Tiffany sitting tied and cleave-gagged before him! His kinky appetite's merely whetted at the alluring sight, so he requests Nikki to hogtie his spouse; furious now, Tiffany wriggles barefoot on her stomach and dreams of revenge!


Scheming Tiffany Marshall returns to cause more trouble for innocent women! This time the victim is petite Marcela Marin, who Tiffany overpowers and ties up on her own kitchen floor! Once she's taped Marcela's mouth, Tiffany roams freely through the house while the helpless housewife squirms and whimpers; on her way out, Tiffany smoothly slips the stylish pumps from Marcela's little bare feet! 


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