Sorry -- Amarna's A Little Tied Up Right Now

Release Date: Aug.30.2016
Running Time: 0:48:40
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Armarna Miller, Shay Evans, Ashley Lane, Lena Anderson, Samantha Hayes, Natasha Ty, Ryan Ryans

The subject of a demanding interrogation, Amarna Miller stood bound in her tight dress and heels, her vision negated by a black blindfold! When Amarna predictably refused to co-operate, her shoes were removed and she was perched barefoot on a pile of books; because she continued to resist, the blindfold became a gag covering her mouth. Supported by rope and chain, Amarna balanced precariously on the books, her nimble toes cautiously searching for safety!

Side-by-side, two very different bound and gagged nudes sat on the floor: petite, exotic, ultra-busty Shay Evans and tall, pink-skinned, slender Ashley Lane! Eager to escape, Shay and Ashley mumbled to each other through their tape- gags, then stretched out their legs before curling back-to-back onto their hips so they could tug at those beckoning wrist-bonds! But despite their energetic contortions, the two naked pawns moaned in frustration as freedom continued to elude them!

Long-legged lovely blonde Lena Anderson was looking forward to a soothing massage, but what she got was something quite different! Once the 6- 1 nude lay trussed and tape-gagged on the massage table, maniacal masseuse Samantha Hayes paraded her dominance by tickling Lena's bare soles, spanking her bottom and even slyly slipping her hand betwween the squirming girl's legs to massage her pussy! Her perverse desires temporarily sated, Samantha left poor Lena straining against a hogtie!

She was wearing a colorful flowery crop-top, denim short-shorts and pink flip- flops suited to her size-5 bare feet, so it's likely alluring little brunette Natasha Ty was heading outdoors for some fresh-air fun. Instead her small body was coiled with rope and pinned to a chair and her eyes widened apprehensively above a microfoam tape- gag as she strained against the bondage that was far too strong for her! But Natasha kicked up her feet energetically after slipping out of the flip-flops and never stopped struggling, even after she was embarrassed by having her breasts bared!

Sharing bondage with busty Ryan Ryans, Amarna Miller sat tied and tape- gagged at the head of a bed; both wearing black lingerie, Ryan and Amarna stretched out their bound legs and arched their toe-tied bare feet as they murmured consolingly to each other! Although they twisted close to each other, the tautly-roped pair had no success attempting to free each other or to scrape the white tape off their lips. After they were folded by tethers onto their hips so that they faced each other, Amarna and Ryan struggled strenuously until they finally huddled together in pathetic submission! 

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