Grab and Bind: Three Beautiful Women

Release Date: Jul.29.2011
Running Time: 0:53:23
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Sophia Taylor, Andie Valentino, Aubry Taylor


These are the stories of three young women -- two of them made decisions they'd later regret, one just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time!


As Sophia Taylor jogged down the street, her mind wandered freely from sensations of warmth and effort to nagging reminders of work to brief images of sensual pleasure! Nothing remotely warned of her ordeal to come, but as she approached a familiar house Sophia slowed her pace with a sense that something was wrong! A tall man she'd never seen in the neighborhood was lurking suspiciously -- a part of her mind shouted to keep moving but curiousity won and she stopped to question him. He tried to smile and answer her questions affably but suddenly his face twisted into a mask of evil and he seized her! The next several hours passed in a haze of panic as she was first roughly duct-taped into submission and silence, then, more disturbingly, stripped and re-tied in a remote area of the empty house! Finally, the enigmatic thug roped the dazed and bare-breasted Sophia to a post in the backyard! Rescue would come for Sophia but memories would never depart!


Andie Valentino just wanted to get away! After one too many arguments with her boyfriend, she needed time to herself; her dad's remote cabin would give her space to make decisions! But the cabin was also the destination of a man with a very different purpose, a former business associate whose enmity for Andie's father had edged into madness! Andie had only begun to relax when she was seized and bound by a terrifying apparition whose motives the stunned girl couldn't imagine; she could only feel the terror of a defenseless captive! But her fear deepened after she was forced to strip, then re-tied, and finally hogtied! As Andie strained against her bonds, she waited and imagined the worst! But Andie was about to learn that just as there are villains in the world, so are there heroes!


A chance to house-sit for an old friend sounded like a great idea to Aubrey Taylor -- especially since the friend had become a TV star and her house had walk-in closets that were bigger than Aubrey's studio apartment! As Aubrey basked in the sun, she laughed aloud at her good luck; that's when he grabbed her! He was, unfortunately for Aubrey, a very stupid man who had aimed at a big score by snatching a celebrity and would up with a cute nobody instead! He was, fortunately for Aubrey, a crook whose heart was as soft as his brain, so even though he roughly hogtied her after plucking her from the patio, then tied her topless to a chair, he confined himself to ogling his understandably fearful little captive! And when a phone call to his partner in crime confirmed that he'd screwed up big-time, he sheepishly admitted his blunder and returned her to the patio chair she'd occupied when the adventure began! If it weren't for the ropemarks, mused Aubrey, she'd almost believe it was all a weird daydream! 


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