Jade Nyle: A Quintuple-Bind Exper

Release Date: Oct.27.2014
Running Time: 0:49:42
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Jade Nyle

 Jade Nyle's curiousity guides her into a series of a ruthless bondage experiments!

Dr. Smith seemed rather mysterious to Jade but he was reputed to be a generous, 
philanthropic man.
       So when Jade visited his sprawling century-old home with a group representing 
charitable organizations,
       she saw no danger in sneaking away to explore some of the house's nooks and 
crannies.  But the curious 
       young woman would soon learn that behind the Doctor's kindly facade lurked a 
maniac!  When he found
       Jade casually exploring a room he preferred to keep secret, the evil man quickly 
seized and bound her
       with rope conveniently hidden in his lair.  To prevent the rest of her group from 
hearing her gag-muffled
       cries, the Doctor dragged squirming trussed-up Jade into a closet and closed the 
Once her companions departed, Jade became the subject of the first of the Doctor's 
crackpot experiments. 
       Stripped naked and restrained in wooden stocks, Jade squealed as the bad Doctor 
tickled her bare soles --
       but this was no ordinary tickling encounter!  The quack physician carefully noted 
Jade's reactions as he 
       stimulated specific nerve endings on the bottoms of her feet; when he was 
satisfied that he'd elicited
       sufficient data, he repositioned Jade's feet in the stocks to spread her legs, tied her 
hands behind
       the post and gagged her with duct tape.  Though weakened by the tickling, the 
desperate girl writhed
       in the stocks while her next experiment was prepared.
Dr. Smith calmly explained to Jade that he wanted to conduct a simple test of her 
leg strength while her
       body was otherwise immobilized.  He'd accomplished that prerequisite by tying 
Jade face down on a platform;
       any potential negative response from his subject was minimized by a white tape-
gag!  Then the mad doctor
       attached a series of metal plates to Jade's ankle bonds and ordered her to lift them 
while he scribbled 
       on his clipboard.  The reward for her co-operation?  The nude beauty was hogtied 
and left to whimper and 
       struggle by the callous researcher!
Jade's hazardous journey into a madman's laboratory took a gynecological turn 
after she was repositioned
       in a chair, wrists pinned to the chair-arms and legs spread and raised high above 
her head!  Humiliated 
       and vulnerable in her awkward restraint, Jade wriggled while Dr. Smith looked on 
impassively and recorded 
       his impressions.  To complete the experiment, the doctor added another variable 
in the shape of a vibrator;
       after switching it on, he stepped back to examine the contortions of Jade's body 
and the mixed expressions of    
       distaste and pleasure on her face.
How much longer could this ordeal last, thought Jade, as she shivered naked, ball-
gagged and bound on her hip?
       The answer came swiftly and chillingly from Doctor Smith -- we've only just begun!  
Raised onto her knees and
       tethered to a chain overhead, Jade twisted precariously under the crazed 
experimenter's harsh commands. Would
       Jade ever escape from the maniac who believed in scientific progress through 

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