Bound Costume Queens

Release Date: Oct.27.2014
Running Time: 0:42:34
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Ryan Ryans, Belle Fatale, Phoebe Queen, Addison Ryder, Cassidy Klein, Courtney Taylor, Aubry Star
When novice deputy Belle Fatale discovers corporate spy Ryan Ryans working at her 
devious task, she makes the
       mistake of turning her back to summon assistance.   Seized, trussed up and 
       Belle sits nervously on a retired computer while Ryan finishes her criminal 
assignment, but the fun really gets
       started when the bad girl's job is done!  Ryan introduces wide-eyed Belle to the 
strangely intoxicating world 
       of domination by fondling her rope-framed bare breasts and insolently 
stroking her pantyhosed puss
Intrepid investigators Phoebe Queen and Addison Ryder don uniforms to go 
after a villain but soon meet their match!
       Roped securely to chairs and gagged with duct tape, Phoebe and Addison 
writhe in frustration at the plight engineered
       by their mocking nemesis.  Not satisfied at holding them incommunicado, he 
creates a more alarming predicament for
       the bound girls by baring their breasts and tucking them in a closet, where 
they writhe shoeless in claustrophobic 
The hissingest, slipperiest little cat burglar you're ever going to see, Cassidy 
Klein frees herself from
       ropework -- but not for long!  Retied more efficiently, Cassidy continues to 
squirm defiantly on the floor
       and hiss around her knotted black cleave gag but she finally realizes the 
game's up after her face is unmasked 
       and her breasts bared.  A sadder and hopefully wiser feline thief, Cassidy 
arches hogtied and barefoot while
       waiting for a police pickup.
Alone in the quiet office, Courtney Taylor worked peacefully at her laptop, 
unaware of the storm that was about
       to burst upon her!  Courtney had almost forgotten the nearby safe, but an 
audacious thief
       remembered its location all too well and emptied it after thoroughly binding 
the dark-uniformed blonde beauty on
       her work table!  A glimpse at Courtney's voluptuous body inspired the 
malefactor to see more so a pair of substantial
       breasts popped free as the ball-gagged prisoner protested!  Deprived of her 
heels, Courtney kicked up her fishnetted
       feet despite the handicap of a waist-ankle tether.
Costumed in white blouses, plaid skirts and ankle socks, beautiful Ryan Ryans 
and her cute little friend Aubrey
       Star huddle together in bondage on their bed!  At first only their upper bodies 
are bound, but as their restraint
       progresses, the knees and ankles of the cleave-gagged girls are also tied and 
their socks removed.  Determined
       to free themselves, Ryan and Aubrey attack the ropework with their their 
fingers and toes but fail to loosen
       their bonds, then roll onto their sides as they continue to struggle 


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