Mean Girls Tie Topless Babes

Release Date: Feb.08.2013
Running Time: 0:47:53
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Mia Malkova, Natasha Malkova, Lena Shelby, Jamie Lynn, Eden Wells, Kimberly Gates, Britney Lace, Alyssa Reece, Bailey Blue

Sisterhood goes out the window when tough girls treat girls tough!

Mia Malkova's formidable flexibility is tested to the limit by smiling sister Natasha, who arranges Mia into an unusual bed bondage! Tape-gagged and lying on her back with her hands tied above her head to the foot of the bed, Mia wriggles in humiliating vulnerability while her sadistic sister squeezes her breasts and lands a few spanks on her beckoning bottom! Naughty Natasha's creatively folded the beautiful captive's legs back on either side of her head and roped her ankles separately to the bed's metal frame so Mia's opportuniies for movement are severely limited; as Mia squeals, her sister slyly praises her prisoner's endurance -- and the pussy she's bared for all to see!

Something sinister's going on here: First a naked Jamie Lynn appears in the doorway, her mouth taped and upper body secured with rope, then tiptoes away; seconds later, Lena Shelby follows, identically gagged but with wrists alone tied behind her back! Once Lena and Jamie find each other, frantic fingers tug at each other's wrist ropes, and gagged lips meet in a futile effort to peel off the tape; when they hear a voice calling for them, the semi- secured prisoners fearfully skitter off! The creator of their plight follows immediately, however, and quickly corners them -- it's a masked Eden Wells, who unhurriedly winds rope around Lena's breasts while an intimidated Jamie watches! Pushed  onto the hardwood floor, the girls' ankles are bound before Eden completes their restraint by tethering them on their hips! Wide-eyed and helpless, Jamie and Lena listen in disbelief while Eden casually settles their fate with a phone call!

Britney Lace is a no-nonsense bad girl: she's got exotic beauty Kimberly Gates in bondage and it's going to take serious dollars to free her! Tied on a chair in minidress and heels, her ruby lips separated by a white cleave, Kimberly's understandably fearful, but her situation becomes even more ominous when Britney gets impatient! After baring her breasts and pussy, then pulling off her pretty red pumps, Britney perches her trembling captive in a precarious kneeling position on the chair. While bound and barefoot Kimberly struggles to maintain her balance, the hard-hearted blonde snaps cell-phone photos to prove she means business!

There's been bad blood between Alyssa Reece and Bailey Blue for awhile, but Alyssa wasn't worried about Bailey's threats. Turns out she should have been, because after she's bushwhacked by her blonde rival, Alyssa's forced to kneel naked, bound and tape-gagged before Bailey! Adding insult to injury, as she squeezes her writhing victim's nipples and tickles her bare soles, Bailey's wearing the dress she stripped off Alyssa's body! Before heading out the door, Bailey concludes Alyssa's torment by hogtying her and laughing as the hapless girl squirms on her stomach!

Natasha Malkova pays for treating Mia so mean when her older sister gets the upper hand, ties up the struggling nude and seals her lips with tape! After maneuvering the smaller girl onto the bed where she'd been restrained, Mia forces Natasha to kneel, then holds onto her chest ropes and tips her halfway horizontal while her apprehensive sibling squeals! Finally dumping Natasha onto her stomach, Mia insolently tickles her feet and bites her toes to complete her sisterly revenge!

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