Bondage Prone: Roxanne in Ropes

Release Date: Jan.13.2012
Running Time: 0:37:2
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Roxanne Chadwick, Ashley Manning, Chantel Osmond, Trish Van Arsdale


Roxanne Chadwick is a dark-eyed dazzler with an enchanting personality. She’s not a professional model, but she enters into the spirit of bondage play with a zest equal to the best. So enjoy the many facets of Roxanne’s damsel-in-distress persona! All alone, Roxanne struggles on her bed against 50 feet of rope, then squirms indignantly as a belt-bound nurse!


Roxanne and her pal Trish Van Arsdale put up a brief but energetic fight while tied to chairs!


Humiliated and hogtied by beauteous Chantel Osmond, Roxanne writhes dramatically and finally earns her revenge!


Roxanne emotes impressively when Dixie darling Ashley Manning, also relishing her role, ties her to a post and taunts her! Once Roxy frees herself, it’s Ashley who’s bound, gagged and shoeless!


In FB-18’s most memorable scene, Roxanne and Ashley lie face down and shivering on the floor as they submit to the masterful menace of Eliot Shear’s binding and gagging! 


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