Ropes Complete The Costume

Release Date: Dec.29.2015
Running Time: 0:49:30
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Jenna Ivory, Charlotte Stokely, Leah Gotti, Ashley Lane, Luna Lain, Phoebe Queen

Jenna Ivory's the very definition of a blonde and buxom barmaid, but when things get crazy at the bar, Jenna ends up in ropes on a mattress in the back room with duct tape sealing her lips! Jenna's not alone for long, however, because costumed counterpart Charlotte Stokely soon joins her on the mattress, where the trussed and gagged pair struggles side-by-side! Not satisfied with looting the bar, the intruders turn up the heat by removing the barmaid's high heels and disheveling their dirndls so that Charlotte and Jenna kick up their bare feet and display their breasts as they struggle noisily! 

When Leah Gotti hears rumors that there's a secret room in the old mansion, the inquisitive student can't resist exploring it. Big mistake, Leah -- the plaid-skirted, sneaker-wearing little brunette is soon squirming tied and tape-gagged on a narrow bed! Before her misadventure's concluded, indignant Leah's dark hair flows over her shoulders, her bare breasts emerge rope-framed from her jacket and her sneakers have been removed! And when her bound ankles are linked to the ropes around her arms, the once-adventurous girl's left rolling around on the bed.

Oh, no, Ashley Lane's in trouble again! The crimson-clad Superheroine was subdued by plastic ties in the past but returned confident that she would defeat her evil opponent this time around. Unfortunately for Ashley, her confidence was misplaced because she's in a bind once again, sitting tightly roped and ball-gagged on a wooden chest! And when flexible Ashley maneuvers her arms in an attempt to remove her gag, a hogtie leaves the defeated heroine arching in frustration on the chest!

Red-haired Luna Lain looks lovely in a near floor-length Cheongsam, but why is she sneaking barefoot to the back door, shoes in hand? It must have something to do with the blue backpack she's carrying; when the novice spy's exit is interrupted, she grudgingly reveals a plastic bag full of thumb drives! Rope-bound and tape- gagged, Luna stands against the wall until she sees a brief moment of opportunity and wriggles back to the door; grabbed once again, she's folded on the floor by a waist-ankle tether!

After sexy little songbird Phoebe Queen refuses to warble for a thuggish crew, she's silenced with a red ball-gag and her glistening blue cocktail dress is coiled with rope that also pins her to an oversized chair! Phoebe tests her bondage energetically as she twists in the chair; when she's offered a second chance to follow orders and refuses, the petite brunette's impressive breasts are exposed and her pointed pumps removed! Barefoot and bare-breasted, Phoebe's folded onto the chair with a waist-ankle connection but never meekly submits to her plight! 

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