Bound, Gagged and Menaced!

Release Date: Nov.29.2013
Running Time: 0:53:28
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Danielle Trixie, Chanel Rae, Charlotte Stokely, Susan Ray, Erika Jordan, Aubrielle Summer
Danielle Trixie believes that best friend Chanel Rae has betrayed her, so 
she trusses 
up Chanel and gags her with a cleave!  Once 
Chanel kneels bare-breasted and barefoot in an armchair, Danielle 
humiliates her by 
taking photos as she gropes the defenseless blonde.
Wide-eyed office-worker Charlotte Stokely's no match for black-
booted kinkster 
Susan Ray, who binds the trembling blonde in her own 
bedroom!  A knotted white cleave muffles Charlotte's whimpers; when 
enjoyed scaring her captive long enough, she tethers Charlotte on her hip, 
steals her high heels as a trophy.
Mysterious forces take control of Erika Jordan, dark-haired temptress 
in a pin-
striped jacket and skirt.  Her ordeal begins with Erika 
standing tied and cleave-gagged in the corner, but before it's over she's 
quivering in 
a waist-ankle tether on the wooden floor, her breasts 
bared, panties around her ankles and blue-nailed feet deprived of colorful 
Even when she's gagged with duct tape and hitched to a stair-railing in 
a web of 
rope, Tiffany Marshall looks stylish in a form-
fitting jacket, short skirt and peep-toe pumps!  Unable to budge her 
Tiffany has no choice but to grudgingly accept her seated 
restraint, though she manages to wiggle shapely red-toed bare feet from 
her shoes. 
Spunky little secretary Veronica Radke tries to hide behind a desk but 
ends up 
on top of it tied and tape-gagged in her stockinged 
feet!  Ball-tied Veronica wriggles onto her side and tries to call for help on 
her cell 
phone but she's overmatched by the ropework.  
Clothed in a frilly striped blouse, gray skirt and strappy high heels, 
Summer looks like a naive little secretary, not an 
undercover operative.  But Aubrielle's true identity is discovered 
nonetheless, so 
she's tethered to the leg of a couch and cleave-gagged, 
then left to struggle on the floor.  Aubrielle's restraint becomes more 
rigorous when 
she's hogtied on a platform in her stockinged feet; she 
can only squeal and squirm after the remorseless captor tears the 
pantyhose fabric 
so she can tickle Aubrielle's bare soles! 


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