Trapped Couples

Release Date: Mar.23.2012
Running Time: 0:44:32
Category: Captured Couples

Starring: Oscar, Chantel Osmond, Jack, Carly Banks, Tom, Hana Dubcek, Lukas, Reina, Anton, Jelena Jensen, Blake, Caroline Warner

An important group study session offered yet another opportunity for class clowns Chantel Osmond and Oscar to laugh and play - too bad for them, there's someone else in the group and she won't stand for their foolishness!

Bounty hunter Carly Banks was sure she had found the right guy when she captured and bound poor Jack. Unfortunately, she had made a mistake and is then tied up and tape gagged next to Jack to share in his plight!

Tape gagged couple, Hana Dubcek and Tom are forced to spend a beautiful afternoon bound to a post in their garage after being carjacked!

Pretty student Reina engaged in a romance with a teaching assistant, Lukas. When her book-worm roommate finds out, she takes out her jealousy and frustration on them!

Anton is determined to break his sister, Jelena Jensen, from the clutches of a cult, but it isn't as easy as he had thought and soon they are both held hostage!

Finally, drugs could make you do the damnedest things. For instance, robbing your own family! That's just what Blake suggest to his drugged up buddy, but when he looks into the scared eyes of his cousin Caroline Warner, guilt takes over.

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