Bound and Gagged For Greed

Release Date: Mar.30.2012
Running Time: 0:43:23
Category: Captured Couples

Starring: Grayden, Jessie Capelli, Nate, Chantel Osmond, Jon, Marie French, Dylan, Joelean Travis, Adam, Shay Ruskin, Shae, Claire Adams, Madik, Karlie Montana, Joseph, Kaiya Lynn

With their backstabbing and unethical activity Grayden and Jessie Capelli thought they'd be the sure winners of a new reality show. They found out wrong when another contestant wraps them up in miles of duct tape.

Chantel Osmond and Nate are victims of a robbery and both are left all tied up and tape gagged.

In another high crime area a cleave gagged Marie French and tape gagged Jon are trussed up due to the handy work of burglars!

Joelean Travis is a terrific cheerleader and Dylan is her coach. When they make it to finals in the cheerleading contest, they are certain they will win - until a rival cheerleading coach makes sure they don't even show up for the competition.

Shay Ruskin and Adam are hard-nosed celebrity gossip columnists who suffer some revenge from a celebrity they have been harassing just a little too much.

Claire Adams and Shae helplessly watch as intruders place ball-gags in their mouthes to keep them quiet! Then, in intricate bondage, the couple struggle as the intruders ransack their home.

Card cheats Karlie Montana and Madik are caught with an ace up the sleeve by an unforgiving woman! The cleave gagged partners are left chair bound and penniless!

Just when life was settling down for Kaiya Lynn and her new boyfriend, Joseph, her ex stops by - fresh out of jail! Upset by the changes in Kaiya's life, the inmate binds the couple and leaves, but not before getting one last look at her perky breasts!

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