The Conejo Caper

Release Date: Apr.11.2016
Running Time: 0:45:15
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Nina North, Amana Miller

Nina North and Amarna Miller are bewildered pawns in a sinister game! 

Nina North usually holds the phone in her own hand when she makes a call, but because she's bound to a chair at the moment, it's the black-clad figure's hand placing it close to her mouth! Ordered to call her house-mate Amarna Miller and summon her home, Nina nervously complies, speaking slowly because Amarna's command of English is limited. When the call's completed, the hooded intruder immediately ties a black cleave between Nina's lips, then leaves to prepare for Amarna's arrival. He finds time, however, to return and expose the breasts of the anxiously squirming little brunette, then to untether Nina from the chair so he can carry her off for a reunion with Amarna!

Amarna's confused when she walks in the door because she expected that Nina would greet her; instead the red-haired sprite's rudely welcomed by a nightmare who seizes her and begins to tie her hands behind her back! While binding her wrists, he peppers Amarna with questions focused on the word "conejo", but the panic- stricken girl can only respond in Spanish, so the frustrated villain finally responds by stuffing cloth in her mouth and securing it with duct tape! After pulling off Amarna's heels, then binding and baring her breasts, he completes the writhing girl's bondage by hogtying her on the couch! With both Nina and Amarna in his power, he's determined to solve the verbal mystery and find the prize he came after! 

With the ominous hooded man hovering over them, two very confused and apprehensive little nudes sit bound on the floor next to each other, their legs stretched out before them! Unable to communicate with Amarna, he's left her gagged but harshly interrogates a trembling Nina, telling her that he knows she and her friend did graduate study in Europe over the summer. He's also aware that they were used to transport a list of top-secret operatives into the country, a task of which they were ignorant -- but one that's crucially centered on the elusive "conejo." When Nina meekly pleads ignorance, he tapes her mouth and heads off to toss their home in hopes of turning up a clue. Left alone, the naked housemates murmur desperately and twist in oppressive ropework; when he returns and finds Nina and Amarna desperately trying to loosen each other's bonds, waist-ankle tethers fold their legs closer to their bodies!

Still empty-handed, the increasingly impatient evildoer stands Nina and Amarna against a wall while he continues to search for answers. Perilously balanced on bare feet, they try unsuccessfully to call for help through a nearby window, then lean face- to-face as they attempt to loosen their tape-gags! They're discouraged by another failure, but a glimmer of hope emerges when Amarna spots her phone peeking out from under a pillow on the couch where she lay hogtied! Dislodged during her initial confrontation with the dark figure, it could bring rescuers if only they could reach it, so courageous Amarna takes a deep breath and begins to hop across the floor! When she sees that her friend has managed to grasp the phone, Nina hops after her and the girls huddle together as Amarna desperately tries to contact the law! So close -- but their athletic movements made enough noise to bring back the man they just can't escape; after seizing the phone from Amarna, he watches the two little beauties cringe in despair! 

Co-operation is no longer possible for Nina and Amarna because the tape- gagged nudes kneel against the opposite arms of a red sofa with their wrists hitched tautly to their ankles! They sense that this man who's controlled them for hours has made a breakthrough in his search and want to believe that he'll soon be out of their lives. They're correct but first Nina and Amarna will have to accept a final humiliation when they're repositioned to kneel breast-to-breast while he announces his triumph! It took the thick-skulled thug longer than it should have but he finally accessed the translation of "conejo" -- "rabbit"! Suddenly the stuffed rabbit in Amarna's bedroom took on new significance and he soon confirmed that a micro-drive containing the list was stuffed inside. With callous zest he waves it in the faces of the innocent pawns as Amarna looks on with disgust -- she had tried to tell him what the word meant at the beginning! Once he's gone she and Nina slump wearily against each other on the couch, still bound and gagged nudes waiting for the arrival of a hero -- or just a friend to drop by! 

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