Tight Bonds For Smart Blondes

Release Date: Apr.11.2016
Running Time: 0:45:41
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Kenna James, Alexa Grace, Molly Mae, Summer Day, Elle Alexandra, Mackenzie Lohan

When Kenna James made the mistake of confronting a shady neighbor about the private massage business she was running at all hours of the day and night, the stunned Kenna quickly found herself seated in bondage on the massage table, her lips sealed with a tape-gag! After removing Kenna's shoes and baring her breasts, the shameless masseuse amused herself by recording the pretty secretary's indignant struggles with a camera, then added an exclamation point to her intimidating message by hogtying Kenna on top of the table! 

A conscientious young executive, Alexa Grace continued to work at her laptop even after returning home and kicking off her shoes. Unfortunately for Alexa, sinister conspirators required private information from the laptop and were willing to bind and gag an innocent young woman to obtain it! Trussed up in her blue business suit and gagged with a black cleave, Alexa struggled apprehensively in her armchair, then on the floor with her legs folded by ropes pinning her ankles and thighs together! Before departing with the laptop, Alexa's mean-spirited guests opened her jacket to expose her breasts. 

After Molly Mae turned over the thumb drives to a demanding intruder, the little blonde secretary sat bound at the bottom of the stairway, her lips spread by a knotted black cleave! Ignored by the thief as he checked the drives, Molly managed to pull off the rope tethering her to the railing, then slip off her heels and wriggle toward the front door. Rolling onto her back, Molly stretched her legs up to the doorknob and attempted to open it with her stockinged toes. But the noise made by her struggles alerted her unwelcome guest, who retethered the bound and gagged girl to the railing and left her writhing on her stomach! 

Assistant District Attorney Summer Day was indignant at the drastic detour in her career that ended with her curled up on a bed and subdued with rope! Summer spat her defiance at the at the rogue political operative holding her until he briskly stuffed cloth in her mouth and sealed it with duct tape! Left alone, Summer angrily twisted in the bondage that coiled around her grey business suit until she kicked off her shoes and slipped off the bed. Before she could move any further, the desperate young woman was trapped and placed back on the bed, her legs suspended from an overhead chain to assure that she'd remain immobilized! 

When Mackenzie Lohan found Elle Alexandra sitting bound and gagged next to her desk, surrounded by papers strewn on the floor, she immediately rushed to her employer and removed Elle's gag! But before she could free the writhing redhead, Mackenzie was seized and also subdued with rope; within moments both she and Elle sat side-by- side in bondage on the floor! Almost identically attired in light-colored blouses, dark skirts and black pumps, Elle and Mackenzie strained anxiously against ropework that became even more restrictive after they were folded onto their hips by waist-ankle tethers. Restrained barefoot and bare-breasted for what seemed like hours, the weary young women murmured pathetically to each other through the cleave-gags between their lips! 

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