I Was Tied Up With a Porno Star!

Release Date: Apr.12.2012
Running Time: 0:42:39
Category: Captured Couples

Starring: Timmy, Monique Alexander, Ray, Jamie Lynn, Mario, Starr Conway, Josh, Ashley Raines, Tony, Carol, Alex, Holly Lane, Damian, Sarah Blake

Tim Logan tries to protect Vivid Adult-Superstar Monique Alexander from a stalker, but instead they both end up bound and tape gagged!

Penthouse Pet of the Year Jamie Lynn is tied and tape gagged by her ex-lesbian lover. When her current boyfriend comes home, he gets the exact same treatment!

Starr Conway is a real estate agent showing houses to a client when they enter the wrong place and end up chair bound and tape gagged!

Pinup model and Penthouse Pet of the Month Ashley Raines remembers her prom very well, but not because of the dancing or the drinking. She remembers it because she and her date were tied up by a crazy man!

Carol is roped up first by an intruder and when her boyfriend Tony comes home, he suffers the same fate!

Holly Lane's exclusive interview with gang member Alex is interrupted by his angry friends! They don't like a snitch, so they tie Holly and Alex up before getting their final orders!

Damian is in cahoots with sexy Sarah Blake into bilking an honest man from his fortune. The man isn't as dumb as they think and Sarah and Damian end up tightly trussed up and gagged side-by-side!

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