Off With The Tops, On With The Ropes

Release Date: May.04.2015
Running Time: 0:51:13
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Adriana Chechik, Samantha Hays, Chloe Amour, Charlotte Stokely, Tomi Taylor, Allie Brooks

 After a fund-raising event, Adriana Chechik and Samantha Hays are engaging in a steamy makeout session when they're rudely interrupted by uninvited guests planning to collect the funds! Seated securely bound on the couch, the girls are left ungagged at first but when Adrianna panics and begins to call for help, microfoam tape silences them. The intruders supply entertainment for themselves by baring the girlfriends' breasts and feet, then placing them face-to-face on their knees! Adrianna and Samantha end their night with their wrists tethered to ankles in an even more difficult kneeling position, when they're arranged facing away from each other on opposite ends of the couch!

Charlotte Stokely's a bad girl on the run who knows what she needs -- a change of clothing to baffle her pursuers! Devious Charlotte gets what she needs at the expense of innocent Chloe Amour; the wicked blonde soon wears Chloe's dress while the sweet brunette stands stripped and bound to her stairway railing! After tape-gagging Chloe, Charlotte can't resist fondling the squirming girl's breasts, then slipping her hand under Chloe's panties! Before leaving, the ruthless fugitive pulls down her plaything's undies and crotch- ropes her!

As she sits on the couch, magazine in hand, Tomi Taylor's getting steamy under the silk because the pictures she's viewing are fueling her desire to be bound and gagged! Slipping into a reverie, statuesque Tomi imagines her colorful minidress criss- crossed with rope and her long legs secured at ankles and knees! Gagged with a knotted black cleave, Tomi twists sensually and presses her bare feet against the end of the couch! After her breasts magically emerge from her dress, the long-haired dreamgirl rolls onto her side and indulges her fantasy to the full! 

Blue-eyed blonde Allie Brooks should be enjoying summer fund in her polka-dot dress and sandals; instead she's cowering behind her bed and desperately trying to phone for help! Allie's not quite fast enough, so she's quickly seated on the bed, her little body coiled in rope and a knotted cleave tied between her lips! Bare-breasted and barefoot, Allie writhes in desperation after her legs are drawn closer to her body by a rope tethering her ankles to the headboard!

Chloe Amour has one simple job to perform -- keep an eye on Charlotte Stokely, who sits bound to a chair in her bra and panties! Not satisfied with supervising the unfortunate pawn, Chloe cleave-gags Charlotte, then bares her breasts and caresses them while the dazed girl wriggles! Chloe tests Charlotte's bare feet for ticklishness after removing her shoes and raising her legs onto a second chair; the hapless blonde's squeals delight her creative tormentor! 

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