Make Sure They're Bound And Gagged

Release Date: May.04.2015
Running Time: 0:50:19
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Chloe Amour, Charlotte Stokely, Ashley Lane, Adriana Chechik, Samantha Hays, Olivia Austin, Keira Nicole, Madi Meadows

Just because a pair of hot girls working out of their home are bound and gagged doesn't mean that they're going to sit around waiting for the larcenous intruders to depart! Certainly not if they're resourceful young ladies like Chloe Amour and Charlotte Stokely, who squirm away from the spot they've been ordered to inhabit, then silently and cautiously work their way downstairs! After kicking off her shoes, Chloe stretches her stockinged feet up to the door-knob in a valiant effort to open the door. But the door's locked and the courageous girls are busted, then hitched to the stair railings, where their futile struggling and tape-gagged whimpering entertains the thieves as they go about their business!

When naive secretary Ashley Lane accepts an invitation to visit her boss Mr. Green's home, she's yearning for romance. Instead Ashley's initiated into the world of bondage, first standing in stockinged feet, bound with hemp rope, gagged with a knotted cleave and blindfolded! Hitched to a hanging chain, the slender beauty strains against unforgiving ropework as she loses her blindfold, then experiences the exposure of her breasts and the addition of a crotch-rope! Mr. Green's lesson ends with a meeker but wiser Ashley kneeling submissively on a square platform! 

Herded into an ominous room where strange collectibles loom above them, Adriana Chechik and Samantha Hays tremble as a pair of mismatched miscreants squabble over their strategy for enforcing submission! Good crook leaves Adriana and Samantha huddled on the floor after they promise not to move; bad crook demands that he tie them up! Good crook obeys the hard-bitten woman and binds the girls; bad crook is incensed by his failure to gag them! Good crook applies mouth-stuffing and duct tape to the bewildered couple; bad crook leaves them barefoot and folded onto their hips by waist-ankle tethers! 

Busty is the word for sexy exec Olivia Austin, who finds herself in an embarrassing bind after a business deal spirals out of control. Tied to a chair in her tight pinstripe dress and bold blue heels, Olivia mouths off until a black cleave muffles her voice! Inevitably, Olivia's dress can't contain her lush breasts, which thrust through their taut rope framework; shapely bare feet arch against the hardwood floor once her pumps are removed! As a humilated Olivia squirms, she moans behind a microfoam tape replacement for the cleave-gag! 

When sinister operatives go on the prowl for explosive secrets, there's a strong likelihood that pretty girls will end up in bondage! Leggy blonde Keira Nicole, enticing in her pink blouse, gray skirt and peep-toe pumps, is the first example of this truism; seated on the floor roped and cleave-gagged, Keira tests her bonds as she apprehensively waits for girlfriend Madi Meadows to return home! When she does, the luscious brunette is swiftly bound and gagged, then seated next to Keira; the alluring pair murmur to each other as they twist side-by-side in matching blouses! After Madi and Keira's breasts and feet are bared and their restraint accentuated by hip tethers, the brave girls finally understand that escape is out of the question! 

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