Molly Mae Pussybound

Release Date: Sep.12.2016
Running Time: 0:46:13
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Molly Mae, Chloe Amour

he encounter that led to multiple exposures of Molly Mae began alarmingly enough for the gentle young woman. Soft-spoken by nature, Molly had her voice entirely negated by the application of cloth-stuffing and an overmouth gag while she sat roped to a chair with her legs spread wide! Molly's troubles multiplied when her tight dress was dishevelled to bare her breasts and pussy, then her high-heeled sandals were removed so that her big toes could be tethered to each side of the chair after her bare feet were drawn up close to her thighs!

As Molly lay in roped submission on a lounge, she'd been deprived of the clothing that would otherwise interfere with the revelation of her enticing naked body. Although Molly strained against the bondage that spread her legs and pinned her arms behind her head, she was powerless to prevent the addition of another rope that slithered down from her breasts to nestle between her pussy-lips! Indignant at her humiliation, Molly tried to protest but the duct tape sealing her lips muffled her voice. 

Once again tied down on her back with her hands secured above her head, Molly twisted in efficient ropework that frogged and spread her legs. Toe-tied and tape- gagged, the nude girl energetically expressed her resentment of the embarrassing ordeal that culminated in yet another crotch-rope!

Molly's tireless oppressors permitted her to put on a little black dress, but when she took the familiar position that spread her on her back, no panties prevented the appreciation of Molly's sweet spot! Perched on a round table, Molly whimpered behind her duct-tape gag and squirmed apprehensively in expectation of another crotch- rope. But Molly was in for a surprise -- her legs were unfrogged, then raised high and wide by rope-links to wall-rings overhead, a position that escalated Molly's exposure to a new and thrilling level! 

After the acrobatics of her previous scene, Molly's situation became less dramatic when she was seated on a wooden chest, hands tied behind her and legs, of course, spread to opposite ends of the chest. A colorful sight in a red leotard that was strategically disarranged to bare both breasts and pussy, Molly mouthed a shiny blue ball-gag and engaged in surprising contortions that only increased the mysteriousness of her motives! 


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