Nothing Playful About Her Ropework

Release Date: Jan.11.2014
Running Time: 0:54:30
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Veronica Weston, Lena Shelby, Gigi Allens, Lilly Banks, Natasha White, Layla Rose, Christina Sinn, Cherie Deville

Crazed Lena Shelby lures unsuspecting office rival Veronica Weston into a trap, then humiliates her after Veronica's tied to a chair and gagged with a white cleave. While wide-eyed Veronica squirms in disbelief, Lena fondles her bare breasts and takes cell-phone pictures that she'll send to their colleagues!

A mysterious woman-hunter targets Gigi Allens and Lilly Banks for a client who believes they've ripped him off. The captive businesswomen huddle together cleave-gagged and bound on the floor until they're pushed onto their sides, tethered and tape-gagged in preparation for the client's imminent arrival!

A toxic housemate terrorizes petite Natasha White by taping her mouth and tying her on a bed. When Natasha makes a bid for escape, she's subjected to more restrictive bondage that leaves her writhing barefoot and hogtied!

Shockingly crude remarks cause busty little Layla Rose to flee from a potential employer, but Layla's not quick enough to escape the creep. White rope encircles Layla's blouse, skirt and stockings as she sits on a couch; the shameless man appreciates her captivity even more after Layla's gagged with duct tape and tethered on the floor with her breasts exposed!

Roped to a chair and cleave-gagged, dark-eyed Christina Sinn struggles fearfully next to an empty safe. When the ringleader decrees that Christina accompany the loot back to his hideout, the bound office worker's dumped in a car trunk, her lips sealed with tape!

Dressed for success in jacket, skirt and heels, Cherie Deville meets with corporate officers who criticize her management style. Their disciplinary measures astonish Cherie, whose punishment session ends with the blonde MILF struggling gagged and hogtied in her stockinged feet!

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