Appointment With Bondage

Release Date: Oct.05.2015
Running Time: 0:44:44
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Mila Brite, Alex Grey, Sovereign Syre, Chloe Amour, Tomi Taylor, Holly Manning, Cadey Mercury

 Tied-up spy Mila Brite made a quick escape from feeble bondage that convinced her she was dealing with dim-witted interrogators. But when Mila rashly called her handler, she fell into her enemy's trap! Stripped naked and tethered to a chair, voluptuous Mila writhed in ropework that was more than a match for her and moaned in frustration behind her microfoam tape-gag!

Sovereign Syre and Alex Grey were opposites who attracted each other -- Sovereign a tall and buxom brunette; Alex a petite and slender blonde. The night they struggled together in bondage, their attire also contrasted strikingly, with Sovereign in a bright red minidress that failed to confine her generous endowment for long and Alex encased in filmy mesh lingerie that allowed her perky breasts to protrude. Tape-gagged and tied side-by- side on a sofa at first, the squirming girlfriends ended their evening leaning close to each other on the floor after being folded onto their hips!

For Chloe Amour and Tomi Taylor, "Hands Up!" begins as a command, but continues as a key aspect of their bondage. Willowy nude Chloe and naked Amazon Tomi are seated facing each other on the floor in a narrow space between two doors, their hands tied above their heads and connected to the doorknobs behind them. Ankles bound and mouths taped, Tomi and Chloe stretch out their legs, twist energetically on their hips and kick up their bare feet, but they remain hitched to the doors with their hands up!

Bright brown eyes flashing above her tape-gag, luxuriant brown hair flowing over her shoulder, rope-framed bosom straining under a tight red dress, curvaceous hips accentuated by a tight rope web, bare toes peaking from open-toed heels -- that's Holly Manning as she stands straining in cautious defiance of her bondage! As Holly twists and turns, she reveals more details of the ropework controlling her, most significantly when she turns her back and flexes the crossed wrists hitched to a waist rope at the heart of her subjugation!

Cadey Mercury's such a sweet little lady but she must have angered someone because she became the subject of a three-step sequence of progressively restrictive bondage! Cadey was first stretched out naked on a bed, her wrists hitched above her head and her ankles tethered to the foot of the bed. Next, tape-gagged Cadey's hands were brought down and connected to her knee ropes; taut ropes encircling the bed pressed her small nude body against the mattress. Finally, wriggling Cadey's body was almost entirely hidden after she was wrapped in a rope- encased sheet that left only her head and bare feet visible! 

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