Don't Mess With The Dangerous Diva!

Release Date: Jul.08.2011
Running Time: 0:47:11
Category: Dangerous Diva

Starring: Lexi Belle, Veronica Hill, Crystal Klein, Shay Laren


"As a rule, Dangerous Diva doesn't interfere with the schemes of others who operate on the shady side, but crooked cutie Lexi Belle crossed the line when she cheated a friend! To convince Lexi that blackmail is bad manners, I slipped into her digs, removed her clothes and rigged her into a squirming, squealing ball of indignation! Recognizing that she was in no position to run a bluff, Lexi folded her hand and surrendered the gambling markers I was after as soon as I removed her gag! Of course I popped it back in between her lips before leaving -- what a nasty mouth on such an angelic face!"


"Leggy blonde photographer Veronica Hill turned heads like a starlet, but it was the pictures she'd taken of a reclusive Hollywood legend that lit up the dollar signs in Dangerous Diva's eyes! So when Veronica celebrated her six-figure coup by visiting a masseuse, I couldn't resist gagging her and binding her to the massage table, then sampling her fair-skinned charms before absconding with the precious digital card!"


"'Dangerous Diva checkmates both queens!' An exclamation that would sound insane to a chess-player, yet a fair enough metaphor for my bold venture to relieve Crystal Klein and Shay Laren of the worth-ten-times-their-weight-in-gold medieval chess- pieces that they'd smuggled into the country! I had to work especially hard for this slice of ill-gotten gain, but watching two beauties like Shay and Crystal writhe hogtied on their bed as I exited treasure in hand was ample reward for my time and effort!"




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