Bound, Gagged and Helpless!

Release Date: Jul.08.2011
Running Time: 0:50:46
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Dani Daniels, Nina James, Hana Black, Lena Shelby, Jenna Rose, Ashley Abbott, Aiden Ashley, Judith Eufrat


The girl hunt's on when bra-and-pantied Nina James runs into her living room with bounty babes Nikki and Loren in hot pursuit! Sexy brunette Nina's swiftly subdued, trussed up and tape-gagged by the ruthless women, who repeat their rope-wielding expertise on hapless Dani Daniels when she responds to Nina's cries! Once their prisoners are tied back-to-back, the girl-hunters strip off Nina and Dani's bras so they can apply enhanced interrogation techniques to their defenseless breasts! Dani and Nina's ticklish bare soles also suffer from the relentless fingers of these women who practice a decidedly unorthodox style of law enforcement!


Toe-tied, tape-gagged and hogtied, Hana Black wriggles and whimpers as she lies naked and helpless on a wooden bench! The men later dump her onto a couch, the better to expose her bound and struggling body!


Crime emphatically doesn't pay for Lena Shelby and Jenna Rose, whose amateurish deal collapses when a paranoid thug blows his top! Before Lena and Jenna know what's hit them, they've been stripped, their nude bodies bound and knotted cloths tied in their mouths! While the petite captives eye each other fearfully, their captors decide to leave them unharmed, but only after tethering them more securely on the couch, where Jenna and Lena writhe uncomfortably, their cries for help unheard!


So much for the glamorous life of a starlet: Ashley Abbott's barely home from a grueling audition when she's seized by housebreaker Nikki, who tape- gags her, expertly binds Ashley's naked body as the little blonde writhes, then deposits her ball-tied and squirming on the dining-table!


They just wanted a day off to relax; instead Aiden Ashley and Judith Eufrat undergo a frightening experience at the hands of predatory voyers who make the young women to strip for them! Gagged with duct tape, bound and tethered to bedposts, the nude prisoners squirm frantically until their tormentors hogtie them! Before long, Aiden and Judith recognize the hopelessness of their struggles and subside into erotic breast-to-breast nuzzling! 


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