Pretty Girls In Hogtied Trouble!

Release Date: Mar.09.2012
Running Time: 0:43:47
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Nicole Watson, Karina Santos, Ashley Raines, Holly Manning, Ashley Raines, Karina Santos, Barbie Bentley, Celeste Star, Teresa Tabor, Mika Tan

You have to feel bad for gorgeous Nicole Watson -- so demure in slacks, jacket and bare feet but so helpless as she lies tape-gagged and hogtied! Cute little Ashley Raines moves to the dark side when she hogties and gags a naked Karina Santos, but Karina has the last laugh when she watches a nude and indignant Ashley squirm cross-ankled and helpless!

Surprised as she works, Holly Manning submits to no-nonsense hogtying with torn cloth by a nasty intruder; returning home, Celeste Star also encounters hogtied captivity! Con-girl Barbie Bentley thinks she's found a sucker, but she's the one who winds up struggling on her stomach, while sizzling Mackenzie Ortega's trussed up naked except for her socks! Nude from head to toe, Teresa Tabor and Mika Tan share captivity in the bedroom!

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