Gold Digger Blues

Release Date: Nov.09.2015
Running Time: 0:46:39
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Gigi Allens, Avory Moon, Chad White

Gigi Allens was delighted that she was on such good terms with her fiance's daughter Avery Moon. But Avery's smiling face concealed the angry belief that Gigi was simply a money-hungry blonde who planned to fleece her dad. So Avery hatched a plan that would humiliate and intimidate the woman she saw as her enemy; as a result, the unsuspecting Gigi's astonished to find herself lying tapebound on a bed at Avery's mercy! Rolling on the bed, Gigi's still dressed in tight jeans, sandals and top, but the sneering Avery lets her know that she'll soon be in for a change of clothing -- and she'll also feel the embrace of taut ropework!

Avery's as good as her word, first ordering Gigi to strip, then slip into a tight black dress. The angry daughter's completely in control once Gigi's pinned to a chair in a ruthless rope web; gagged with duct tape, she's unable to respond as Avery rants at her! The tall and voluptuous young woman fervently strains against her bonds, but she fails to loosen the knotted coils; even her toes remain tied. Gigi's legs are momentarily freed, but only so that they can be spread wide to expose her pussy!

It's back to the bed for Gigi but now she's naked; Avery's made sure that her hapless target's bondage creates maximum negative psychological impact! The mean-spirited daughter can't resist toying with tape-gagged Gigi by spreading her frogged legs before leaving the busty nude thrashing about awkwardly, a final warning to stay away from Daddy echoing in her ears! 

Gigi's a damsel in a different distressful context when black rope pins her to a chair in her white dress. Gagged with duct tape, barefoot Gigi struggles and hopes for a hero who'll come to the rescue, but when Chad White arrives, he ends up in a similar bind! Intensive chairbound maneuvering ensues as Gigi and Chad move close and attempt to disrupt each other's bonds, but the shadowy villains sternly interrupt their initiative!

It's never wise to upset the evildoers, an insight brought home to Gigi and Chad when their predicament becomes more precarious. After Gigi's stripped naked and Chad to his briefs, they're ball-gagged and bound standing next to each other, both supported by a rope-to-chain connection. Ankles tied, the captured couple twist awkwardly as they try to maintain their balance, but Gigi and Chad's plight doesn't improve after they're moved onto a platform, where they writhe on their knees! 

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