Strip Her Naked/Tie Her Up!

Release Date: Aug.31.2012
Running Time: 0:43:21
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Madison Moore, Teresa Tabor, Ava Ramon, Kayla Paige, Monica Sweetheart, Sue Diamond, Monique Alexander, Tilia Ancora, Mackenzie Ortega, Gina Caruso, Sarah Blake, Nikki Little

Brace yourself for a double dose of naked, squirming damsels in distress! Soft and vulnerable, Madison Moore and Teresa Tabor writhe side-by-side on their bed! Tough chick Ava Ramon teases trussed and naked Kayla Paige, then struggles indignantly next to her! Monica Sweetheart savors the sight of Sue Diamond bound bare-skinned in the backyard, but when the wheel of fortune turns, Monica's a helpless nude under Sue's thumb! Secured with torn sheets, sleek Monique Alexander and buxom Tilia Ancora blush as their captor leers at them, while unclothed Mackenzie Ortega sits roped to a railing and squeals through her mouth stuffing! But Gina Caruso and Sarah Blake are the bound and gagged nudes in greatest peril, since icy blonde Nikki Little enjoys the feel of defenseless flesh under her fingers!

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