Bare Breasted Nice Girls Bound For Trouble

Release Date: Aug.29.2014
Running Time: 0:48:40
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Amanda Tate, Summer Brielle, Belle Knox, Lana Del Raya, Jade Nyle, Veronica Rodriguez, Layla Sin, Khloe Krush

 Two beautiful blondes in pantyhose, a bed and some rope -- sounds like Amanda Tate and Summer Brielle are in for some kinky fun! Only problem is that Amanda doesn't want to play, but that's not going to stop Summer, who ignores her girlfriend's distaste for bondage and has a ball playing with cleave-gagged Amanda's slender bound body! Whether she's stroking her indignant plaything's breasts, tugging on her crotchrope or mouthing Amanda's pantyhosed feet, Summer leaves no doubt about who's on top in this bedroom!

As delicate Belle Knox sits tied, cleave-gagged and tethered to a couch, she's naturally apprehensive about bad girl Erika Jordan's plans for her! Belle's worst fears seem about to be realized when Erika bares her rope- framed breasts and begins to toy with her nipples, but then a wave of pleasure overcomes the anguish! To her astonishment, Belle discovers that she's thrilled to be a bound and gagged submissive; as Erika's skilled hands wander from her chest to her bare feet, Belle moans at an arousal she'd never dreamed possible!

Adventurous Lana Del Raya wants to experiment with bondage, but she's finding out that it's not so easy to tie yourself up! That's why she's delighted when housemate Jade Nyle offers to show her the ropes -- of course what Jade sees is her alluring little friend wearing nothing but panties! Lana's impressed with the quality of Jade's ropework but when she requests her release, the horny rigger instead gags her with duct tape, then treats herself to a hands-on trip around Lana's body from tits to toes!

But Jade's about to discover that she'll have to pay a hefty price for that journey! Stripped to her panties, the dom-turned-sub finds that Lana's a quick study when it comes to ropecraft: Her lips sealed with duct tape, Jade kneels on a platform immobilized by a tether to the nearby railing. Now it's the perky redhead's turn to feel up Jade's breasts, spank her and tantalize her naked soles; payback continues when Lana steps back to watch her humiliated housemate writhe in frustration!

You won't find many bound and bare-breasted girls more appealing than petite and energetic Veronica Rodriguez, whose dark eyes blaze above her tape-gag as she kneels in tethered restraint on her bed! Veronica's muffled appeals for release are dramatically expressive but fall on deaf ears; within moments, her panties dangle around her knees and before long Veronica's struggling on her stomach with her bare feet hitched to the bed's headframe!

Dazzling brunette Layla Sin gets the surprise of her life when cute cheerleader Khloe Krush turns her into a bound and gagged plaything! While Layla kneels and squirms on her bed, the giggling Khloe gropes her breasts and slides a finger between her legs! Once Layla lies on her stomach, Khloe smacks her round bottom and tickles her exquisite bare feet as the trussed-up beauty squeals behind her tape-gag! 

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