Surprised, Hogtied and Struggling!

Release Date: Jun.08.2012
Running Time: 0:46:26
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Kaiya Lynn, Madeleine Horn, Karlie Montana, Zoe Britton, Joelean Travis, Molly Matthews, Karina Santos, Kimberly Kane, Jamie Lynn, Haley Madson

Madeleine Horn's home invasion caught Kaiya Lynn completely unprepared; overpowered and hogtied, the naked Kaiya fearfully endured Madeleine's teasing of her bound body! But when the bad girl's luck ran out, Kaiya learned how sweet revenge could be!

As Karlie Montana lay hogtied on the floor, she realized that Zoe Britton had tricked her with humiliating ease! The rigorous restraint of the hogtie also forced Joelean Travis, Molly Matthews, Kimberly Kane and Jamie Lynn into futile but noisy struggles!

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