Bondage For Family and Friends!

Release Date: May.18.2012
Running Time: 0:48:13
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Jamie Ann Martin, Kim Jefferies, Starr Conway, Gia Mancini, Sherri Reynolds, Carolyn Lang, Shannon, Gia Mancini, Jasmine Mancini, Hannah Thurman, Jamie Lynn, A. J. Lynn

Bound and gagged sisters star as sexy struggling captives! Gia and Jasmine Mancini reach out futilely to each other, as do Jamie and A.J. Lynn, who've been trussed up in bra and panties (Jamie loses her bra before long)! Glamorous blonde pals Jamie Ann Martin and Kim Jefferies find the ties of friendship too tight for their tastes, while one-time friends Sherri Reynolds and Carolyn Lang show each other no mercy when they become rivals!

Revealing another aspect of her character, Gia Mancini plays an uninvited wedding guest who puts frightened little Starr Conway in a bind before even nastier intruders tie and gag Shannon and Hannah Thurman in separate scenes!

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