Girls in Bondage

Release Date: Dec.01.2014
Running Time: 0:47:53
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Anikka Albrite, Phoebe Queen, Erika Jordan, Fiona Sage, Charlotte Stokely, Scarlett Fever, Layla Sin

Uneasy lies the head of blonde starlet Anikka Albrite, who seems to have a nightmare on her mind as she lies twisting in her bed. The nightmare comes to life when Anikka slips out of bed, only to encounter a hooded black figure who ties her hands behind her and gags her with a knotted black cleave! After she's seated on the bed, the breasts freed from Anikka's frilly teddy fall prey to his grasping hands! The dream-dazzled beauty receives similar treatment after she's positioned on her knees and tethered to the bed's headframe!

Prepare yourself for a thrill-a-minute multi-generational bondage escapade when Erika Jordan and Phoebe Queen are stripped to their panties and trussed up! Erika the pink-nailed and busty veteran bondagette; Phoebe the red-nailed, curvy and adorable rising star -- together they generate thrilling energy as they sit squirming next to each other on the floor! Then, both folded into hogties, they arch defiantly, lifting their microfoam- gagged faces high off the floor; if you can stray from their expressive eyes, their bare soles and bare breasts are constant rivals for attention! 

Willowy Fiona Sage is just too trusting of Charlotte Stokely when she asks her more experienced housemate to give her a little taste of bondage! Tied hand and foot on her bed in bra and panties and gagged with duct tape, Fiona squeals in dismay when Charlotte mischievously pulls down the bra and fondles her perky breasts! Charlotte's fun ends abruptly, however, when their third roommate catches her in the act; her breasts bared and framed with rope like Fiona's, she too whimpers in tape-gagged dismay. Unable to free themselves, the slender blonde pair writhe on their stomachs and kick up their bare feet while their friend watches in aroused amusement!

Scarlett Fever stands nearly six feet tall but she's less than imposing after she's tied naked and pinned to a wooden chair with a chest harness and ankle tether! Even though she's tape-gagged and nearly immobilized, spunky Scarlett refuses to surrender and manages to drag the chair close to a window in a bid to make her plight known to passersby! But when she's caught, the chair's pulled back and hitched to a couch, squelching Scarlett's hopes for rescue! 

A pleasant evening of reading ends alarmingly for luscious Layla Sin when she's deprived of her robe and bound naked by a voyeuristic intruder. Gagged with microfoam tape and seated on her lounge, spirited Layla kicks up her bare feet and squeals in protest! Any hope of freeing herself disappears, though, when she's turned onto her stomach and hogtied; from that point, all Layla can do is arch and plead wide-eyed for mercy! 

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