Gigi Allens: Pussy Bound

Release Date: Dec.01.2014
Running Time: 0:45:16
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Gigi Allens

Australian Amazon Gigi Allens struggles sexily through spread-legged misadventures!

Nurse Gigi's crazed visitor leaves her restrained on a high wooden chair, her clean white uniform criss-crossed with black rope! Her ankles tied back to reveal a shaved pussy and her breasts bared, Gigi mutters indignantly through a knotted back cleave-gag!

Astride the bondage horse with her hands bound behind its vertical post, naked Gigi squirms awkwardly as she digs her toes into the side-supports to balance her frogged legs! Before long, Gigi's rearranged into a kneeling spread and continues to drool copiously, thanks to a bright red ball-gag!

Gigi's the subject of a classic bed spreadeagle that's highlighted by crotchropes squeezing her labia! As Gigi chews on an ample helping of mouth stuffing held in place by a cloth strip, she alternates arching athletically and twisting from side-to-side!

Whisked away to the dark and sinister wooden library, Gigi whimpers behind a microfoam gag as she experiences a Halloween nightmare! The nude heroine sits writhing on an antique wooden chest, her legs spread wider than ever by a pair of unsparing ankle tethers pulling in opposite directions! Gigi's gorgeous peril attracts supernatural voyeurs: First skeletal hands that grasp her breasts, then a leering skull that sits inches away from her alluring pussy! 

Gigi's spectacular finale begins modestly enough with the statuesque naked starlet seated on the edge of a platform, her ankles tied separately to its legs and her hands roped above her head to a suspended chain. The fun really begins, however, when Gigi's spread legs are also hitched high and wide to a spreader bar; gagged with duct tape and wriggling on her back, glamorous Gigi has never seemed so vulnerable! 

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