They Bound Us Tight For Science

Release Date: May.16.2016
Running Time: 0:55:22
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Mackenzie Lohan, Carol Luna

Mackenzie Lohan and Carol Luna are stunned when they discover why their lives have been taken over by bondage! 

Psych major Mackenzie studies hard, but she also likes to party, so she got up late one morning after and was still in her nighty when she went to the kitchen. To her horror, she found a grizzled intruder who wasted no time in tying her hands behind her back and gagging her with a black cloth! After adding more rope around Mackenzie's arms and lowering her onto the floor, he also bound her ankles and knees, then tickled her soles and bared her breasts! When he finally turned his back on her and simply walked out the door without stealing a thing, the mystified Mackenzie tried to grasp the intruder's motives as she struggled awkwardly in his ropework! 

Not far away, Mackenzie's friend Carol was also enjoying a slow start to her day in robe and lingerie when the same rope-happy character surprised, bound and gagged her in nearly identical fashion! Once Carol was wedged sideways in her armchair, her vulnerable soles received the same attention that Mackenzie's had and her breasts were also exposed! After roping the gorgeous brunette's legs closer to her torso, the mystery man left Carol wriggling in wide-eyed disbelief after he disappeared as quickly as he'd arrived! 

Troubled by their bondage encounters, the two friends consulted with Mackenzie's professor, a clinical psychologist who questioned them sympathetically, then suggested that she administer a stress test to both. Because Carol and Mackenzie no longer felt comfortable living alone, they moved in together but were stunned when the ominous stranger followed them to their new home! Roped to wooden chairs in their short patterned dresses and tape-gagged, the intimidated pair twisted nervously while the tireless predator mocked their immobility. With Carol's shoes and Mackenzie's sandals in his hands, he sarcastically thanked the barefoot girls for this contribution to his trophy case, then decided he'd need their dresses as well!

To their dismay, the ominous intruder kept his promise; deprived of their dresses and stripped to their panties, Mackenzie and Carol sat trussed up on the floor and hitched separately to the legs of their dining table! Their lips sealed with duct-tape, the bare-breasted girls murmured and stretched their legs out until their toe-tied bare feet nearly touched! Before leaving, he prevented any similar exertions by folding Mackenzie and Carol's legs with waist-ankle tethers, then heartlessly abandoned his powerless subjects to hours of futile writhing! 

Rumors about the psychologist in whom they'd confided led Carol and Mackenzie to confront her, a decision they regretted almost instantly when she admitted that they had been subjects in a highly unethical experiment, then invited a familiar character to join the discussion! Within moments, the hated white rope once again coiled around their bodies, now casually clad in blue jeans and identically colored shirts; once again, their pleas were muffled with duct tape as they sat side-by-side on a bright red couch! To continue her evil experimentation, the despicable scientist ordered her eager assistant to remove the bound girls' shoes and stimulate their sensitive soles, a task he performed with zealous attention to detail! Satisfied with their reactions and requiring time to decide her next move, she then arranged hogties for the weary couple that left Carol squirming in desperation on the couch and Mackenzie arching on a small brown coffee-table! It's hardly surprising that once they were extricated from their plight, Mackenzie changed her major! 

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Excellent title with great models. Carol in jeans and flats are simple amazing
Flavio Ezio