Topless Bondage Struggles

Release Date: Aug.10.2012
Running Time: 0:52:51
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Embry Prada, Lexi Bloom, Ainsley Addison, Chloe Lynn, Marlena Mercurio, Cassie Laine, Lexi Bloom

Stripped to her panties, buxom newcomer Embry Prada sits securely-bound and tape-gagged on the edge of a bed and apprehensively awaits the arrival of mischievous Lexi Bloom! Her anxiety proves well- founded because the light-hearted dom welcomes Embry to the world of bondage submission by turning her body into Lexi's private playground! Before the fun's over, Embry's lying on the bed and straining against a wrist-ankle linkage while Lexi gleefully fingers her tits and toes!

Her frilly black lingerie and gold-strapped sandals announce that busty blonde Ainsley Addison's ready for some randy recreation, but the astonished Ainsley's exercise consists only of writhing tied and tape- gagged on top of a leather coffee-table after a devious man tricks the trusting girl! Her efforts fail to loosen the ropes, but barefoot and bare-breasted Ainsley never relents from her vigorous struggling!

Nude art-piece or hapless hostage? Whatever Chloe Lynn's status may be, there's no question that the fresh-faced little blonde's roped on her back to a wooden bench, her pussy ornamented by a crotch- rope and her protests quieted by a black tape-gag! As her predicament progresses, Chloe's legs are raised high in the air to highlight her shapely bare feet!

Stylishly-dressed in blouse, skirt and foot-flattering heeled sandals, emotional heroine Marlena Mercurio's roped into progressively more restrictive bondage by rigger-supreme Lorelei! First seated on the edge of a platform tied and cleave-gagged, Marlena moans in distress while her breasts are exposed and the ropes multiply until she lies ball-tied and immobilized on her side!

The soft-soled, size-5 bare feet of luscious sprite Cassie Laine prove an irresistible temptation to a renegade foot-lover who binds poor Cassie in a chair, then suspends her legs to expose those sensitive foot-bottoms! While wide-eyed Cassie squeaks through the mouth-stuffing and transparent tape sealing her lips, the villainous rogue applies a vibrator to the pink wrinkled flesh that's the focus of his obsession!

Lexi Bloom's house-sitting lark morphs into a fearsome ordeal for the spunky little brunette! Relaxing in a tight t-shirt and panties, Lexi's grabbed, bound and gagged, then hidden in an empty closet, where she curls up in captivity! Later, her breasts bared and legs pressed close to her bottom by a wrist-ankle tether, cleave-gagged Lexi murmurs pathetically as she squirms on the floor!

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