Captured In Plastic

Release Date: Mar.14.2014
Running Time: 0:45:13
Category: Wrapped Up Tight

Starring: Sierra Nevada, Gulliana Alexis, Kendra James, Shae Snow, Emily Kae, Layla Sin, Abigail Mac, Celeste Star

Curled up in an armchair, Sierra Nevada relaxes while wrapped in a bathtowel; little does the petite blonde know that the towel will soon disappear, replaced by plastic wrap and duct tape that folds her into ball-like confinement! Also gagged with duct tape, Sierra kicks up her feet as she sits, then lies on the floor; she's later lifted back into the armchair, but relaxation is now the last thing on her mind!

Gulliana Alexis is pretty in pink, but since it's the color of tape immobilizing her naked body, Gulliana's can't appreciate the aesthetic effect. Kendra James, on the other hand, loves Gulliana's look, especially since her perky breasts protrude from the plastic, making them highly vulnerable to Kendra's roving fingers. After Gulliana's laid on the kitchen island, Kendra goes to town by tickling her defenseless soles, then crawling on top of her unwilling girlfriend to mouth her nipples!

Emily Kae's so aroused by her alluring girl-package, a psychedelically wrapped Shae Snow, that she can't resist covering Shae's mouth with more of the multi-colored tape, then fondling the whimpering girl! When it's time for Emily to take a break, she leaves feisty Shae standing in the corner; she's confident that her mummified guest won't be bursting free anytime soon. Later stretched out on the floor, Shae moans in frustration and wriggles in plastic- squeaking futility!

Layla Sin's dark eyes smolder with indignation above the white tape sealing her lips; a long spiral of the same tape compresses the plastic cocoon that sheathes Layla's lovely naked body! She's barely able to move as she lies on the yellow lounge, but the worst is yet to come: After Layla's rolled onto her stomach, intrusive fingers are drawn magnetically to her vulnerable and ticklish bare soles!

It seems that Abigail Mac and Celeste Star have made some enemies because the two affectionate galpals are victimized by bedroom invaders who apply plastic and tape to their bare bodies! Pink-taped Celeste and duct- taped Abigail huddle together in the corner until they're dumped onto the bed, where the wrapped captives roll noisily against each other.

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