Tits and Toes: My Obsession With Heather Vagn

Release Date: Jan.13.2012
Running Time: 0:46:8
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Heather Vahn


He can't resist the allure of hot little Heather's breasts and bare feet!


Seized and overpowered just after finishing her shower, Heather sprawls naked, bound and tape-gagged on the bed while the obsessive intruder mouths and fingers her toes and tits! After he leaves the room, the petite captive strains frantically against her bonds but fails to free herself!


Heather's captor returns and allows her to slip into bra and panties before retying her and whisking her outdoors! Her mouth again covered by tape, helpless Heather's perched on a wall; her lingerie disheveled to allow access to those sweet breasts, Heather writhes and whimpers as her ordeal continues!


Indoors once more, Heather lies back on a cloth-covered bench, her hands tied above her head and legs spread wide! Once again, her blue-nailed toes are ravenously mouthed, but Heather's eyes widen at a new humiliation: a vibrator tied to her thigh pulsates implacably against her pussy while she twists and moans until the defenseless girl's resistance collapses and she shudders in ecstasy!


No more pleasure for Heather as the bare-skinned prisoner's strictly hogtied on her stomach so her tormentor can have easier access to her immobilized bare feet! Needless to say, he's not about to neglect those tender nipples, so tape- gagged Heather also squirms awkwardly on her side after the obsessive re- arranges her position to access her breasts!


His depraved lust temporarily satiated, the intruder finally departs after spreading Heather on a chair, her ankles bound far apart to accenuate the naked captive's vulnerability! Long after he's gone, ball-gagged Heather drools copiously and remains maddeningly imprisoned by the unrelenting ropes! 


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