Naked Nice Girls Rope Bound And Tape Gagged

Release Date: Jun.20.2016
Running Time: 0:53:49
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Ember Stone, Zoe Taylor, Janira Wolfe, Adriana Sephora, Blair Williams, Shaye Rivers

Petite brunette Ember Stone and her taller blonde girlfriend Zoe Taylor find themselves in a perilous situation: Their torsos coiled with rope and mouths covered with microfoam tape but their legs untied, the naked girls hesitantly try to escape from the room where they've been confined but are instead herded into a dungeon where they're immobilized side-by-side with knee and ankle ropes! Standing supported by an overhead rope connector to a horizontal bar, Ember and Zoe balance uneasily on their bare feet until they're ordered to stand face-to-face and rub their breasts together! 

Ember and Zoe's visit to the dungeon becomes even more distressing after they're separated; both still nude, bound and tape-gagged, little Ember's seated on an examanation table while Zoe's placed on a long slanted table! After they're rearranged facedown on the tables, they're allowed to kick up their feet freely for a few moments until hogties restrict their movements and highlight two pairs of arching bare soles!

Things just keep getting more and more unpleasant for slender blonde Janira Wolfe, who's deprived of her dress and panties by a female fugitive, then trussed-up naked and tethered to the stair-railing! As Janira stands trembling and crotch-roped, the remorseless woman stuffs her mouth with cloth before sealing it in place with duct tape! Trapped in the rope web, Janira strains vigorously until she's lowered onto the floor and re-tied so that her high-arched bare feet are folded close to her hip! 

Busty Adriana Sephora's in trouble again, her curvaceous naked body securely bound and her lips sealed with duct tape! At first seated against the headboard of her bed, Adriana struggles gamely onto her side, then rolls onto her stomach and kicks up her sculpted bare feet!

Voluptuous nude Blair Williams and naked sprite Shaye Rivers writhe together in restrictive bondage that begins as they sit side-by-side on a couch! Murmuring to each other through duct-tape gags, the bound pair slide onto the hardwood floor, where they make awkward attempts to loosen their bonds that result in Shaye squirming on her side! 

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