Mia's Simple Plan

Release Date: Mar.06.2015
Running Time: 0:45:19
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Mia Malkova, Kenna James

 Mia Malkova's scheme to get kinky with luscious Kenna James takes a devious detour!

Mia's desperate to get her hands on Kenna but the virtuous Ms. James doesn't swing that way. So Mia takes the extreme step of recruiting a cunning acquaintance to fake a burglary during which she and Kenna will be bound and gagged -- and then things will get interesting! After a night of partying, the girls return home and are quickly trussed up in their sexy black dresses. Gagged with knotted cleaves, they sit struggling side-by-side; Kenna's genuinely apprehensive while Mia's faking it and looking forward to her big moment!

That moment arrives after both are untied, Kenna reluctantly strips, and the newly naked girl is retied and tape-gagged on the floor. Still clothed, Mia sits behind her on the couch and pretends to be horrified when the villain orders her to play with Kenna's bound body. Betrayed and powerless, Kenna writhes in embarrassment while Mia fondles her breasts; if only she could see the lustful joy on her treacherous friend's face! And Kenna's humiliation reaches a new level when her ankles are tied wide to the legs of the couch so that Mia can caress her exposed pussy with a vibrator!

Finally Mia's desire for Kenna is sated so she signals the phony burglar to end the drama by lightly tying her up and hitting the road. But the mischievous conspirator has other plans -- now it's the double-crossed Mia who's bound after slipping off her dress and shoes and must kneel on the floor while the freed Kenna meekly follows the intruder's commands to thrust her bare feet into Mia's mouth and between her legs! There's no way sneaky Mia will avoid vibrator time; still on her knees but folded over onto the couch, she squeals as Kenna wields the plastic device against her snatch from behind! 

Mia's phony burglar is in no hurry to leave after seeing each hot housemate in naked bondage -- how can he resist doubling his pleasure? So in no time at all, two blonde nudes stand ball- gagged, bound and hitched to rings above their heads! Seething that her deceitful scheme has backfired on her, Mia has no choice but to twist in her ropework along with poor Kenna; the slight thrill she receives from pressing her breasts against Kenna's can't compensate for her submissive role! 

The wicked opportunist can't thank Mia enough for unwittingly granting him access to such a breath- taking pair of naked strugglers. Mia's thoughts can be easily imagined but they'll remain unspoken because, like Kenna, she's gagged with duct tape, rope-restrained and seated on the edge of a dining table. To their dismay, the fun-loving evil-doer has one more trick up his sleeve, a change of position that frustrates his beautiful pawns as much as it excites him. He's finally out the door, but the last sight he sees will be hard to forget: Mia and Kenna whimpering as they arch in hogties on the table! 

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