Belle's Bondage Hell

Release Date: Jan.05.2015
Running Time: 0:59:31
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Phoebe Queen, Alexia Gold, Belle Fatale

Phoebe Queen and Alexia Gold run from a cult but they can't escape Belle Fatale!

Phoebe and Alexia were two of the Master's favorites, but if you ever saw him, you'd understand why they slipped out of the compound late one night, accompanied by one of the Master's centuries-old mystical books! Months later, they believed he was only a distant memory, but they reckoned without Belle Fatale. Tasked by the Master to track down the deserters, Belle carries out her assignment with ferocious enthusiasm. One moment Phoebe and Alexia are relaxing in summery tops and denim shorts, the next they're rolling tied and tape- gagged on a bed at a cult disciplinary location! A nightmare in black leather and boots, Belle chastises the squirming girls by fondling their breasts and tickling their bare soles!

Belle's determined to recover the Master's sacred tome and if that requires dominating the petite fugitives' bound naked bodies, so much the better! Stripped of their clothing, Alexia and Phoebe stand roped to the bed's headboard and gagged with white tape while the triumphant Belle continues to grope their breasts, but now also pulls their hair and swats their round bottoms with a crop! To complete the intimidation of her petite subjects, Belle announces that they'll be separated so she can devote all her attention to them one at a time.

Phoebe's the first to experience Belle's focused malice after the diminutive brunette's tied onto the bondage horse! The leather-jacketed psychopath happily ball-gags poor Phoebe, then pays two-handed tribute to the Queen-ly orbs before tonguing her nipples! And how could she resist tantalizing those soft red-nailed feet with her fingernails before leaving Phoebe to writhe alone while she attends to Alexia?

The other tiny target of Belle's wrath has been waiting in stocks while the wicked woman played with Phoebe, but now it's Alexia's turns to tremble under the impact of her tits- and- toes interrogation method! Belle's obviously thrilled by Alexia's squeals and struggles, both before and after she's gagged with a knotted cleave, but the henchwoman's drawn back to Phoebe -- a crucial error because desperate Alexia manages to pull her wrists free from the padded cuffs! Shaken but angry, she has only one goal -- to dose Belle with her own medicine!

Belle pays dearly for her carelessness because the medicine that Alexia and Phoebe administer is bitter indeed! Now she's the naked, trussed-up and tape- gagged plaything for the vengeful girls, who relish her wide-eyed whimpering as they toy with her while she stands trembling between them! But the ordeal's just beginning for Belle because after she's pushed onto the bed, Alexia straddles her waist to fondle her breasts while Phoebe sits back-to- back with her friend so she can tease Belle's soles! After briefly leaving the humiliated henchwoman to thrash around on the bed, the runaways return to flaunt the book Belle was after; they'd hidden it on the premises where no one thought to look!

Unfortunately for Alexia and Phoebe, their victory is short-lived because the Master materializes with the uncanny timeliness of a first-rate evildoer. So it's back to bare skin for the little beauties, with ropes and duct tape to remind them that they're back under the Master's control! They're part of a trio now, however, because Belle failed in her mission and must struggle among the subjugated until the Master forgives her. First seated next to each other on the edge of the bed, then lying hogtied on their stomachs, three naked young women begin to learn the true meaning of bondage! 

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