To Hogtie Or Knot

Release Date: Feb.27.2014
Running Time: 0:51:30
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Gigi Allens, Carol Luna, Caroline Ray, Catie Parker, Christina Sinn, Sidney Adams

Far from the beach, a barefoot and bikini'd Gigi Allens writhes in ropework that cradles her in the embrace of a tree trunk! As her captivity unfolds, Gigi's bikini top disappears and the bare-breasted Aussie's eyes widen expressively above her white tape-gag.

Carol Luna's antique gold bracelet attracts a larcenous intruder who binds and gags the dark-haired beauty in her skimpy lingerie while he searches for more shiny valuables. Gagged with duct tape and tethered to the leg of her couch, bare- breasted Carol sits squirming in roped restraint until she's rolled onto the couch and hogtied in her panties!

Her dark braided hair hangs freely over her shoulder, but tightly knotted ropes rigidly restrain Caroline Ray's small naked body. Caroline struggles gamely as she kneels ball-gagged and crotch-roped on a purple platform, then arches defiantly after she's hogtied!

Willowy blonde Catie Parker reacts with passionate intensity to the bondage that forces her to stand tethered to a stairway railing. Nude except for black stay-up stockings, crotch-roped Catie twists vigorously from side-to-side and rises on tiptoe while protesting noisily through white tape!

Her dark-eyed allure accentuated by black fishnets, Christina Sinn's tanned nude body undulates in coils of white rope while she sits and murmurs through her duct- tape gag. Frustrated by her captivity, feisty Christina frees her ankle tether from the couch leg but regrets her initiative when the rope's linked to the back of her chest harness and she wriggles on her stomach in a hogtie!

Trussed-up Sidney Adams barely has a chance to speak before cloth is stuffed in her mouth and sealed in place with duct tape. Wearing only pink panties that are bisected by a crotch-rope, the slender blonde prisoner kneels in helpless peril until she's pushed onto her side and tethered wrist-to-ankle!

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