The Sensual Potential Of Bondage

Release Date: Oct.12.2012
Running Time: 0:45:48
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Ashley Bennett, Lexi Bloom, Lilly Banks, Natalie Nice, Shyla Jennings, Shyla Jennings

How devious is Lexi Bloom? First she pleads with housemate Ashley Bennett to help her experience bondage by tying her up, then easily frees herself from Ashley's predictably flimsy ropework! When the innocent blonde unwisely allows Lexi to practice her knots, the conniving cutie binds poor Ashley with expert efficiency and tapes her mouth! Despite the indignant victim's mumbled protests, Lexi plays with her bare breasts and feet, and finally reveals her ulterior motive by grabbing the keys to Ashley's late-model car so she can drive it to a party!

Let's hope Lexi enjoyed the party because when she returns, Ashley awaits with payback on her mind! To Lexi's dismay, her vengeful housemate's ropework has improved drastically; as a result, the petite brunette endures the same humiliation she inflicted on Ashley! Squealing and squirming in disbelief, Lexi's defenseless as her one-time captive tweaks her nipples and teases her soles! Once Ashley's playtime is over, she folds Lexi onto her hip with a wrist-ankle tether and leaves her struggling while she goes to look for a new housemate!

Innocent blonde ingenue Lilly Banks endures rigorous rope discipline when her slender nude body's bound with geometrical precision! Her mouth stuffed and sealed with transparent tape, Lilly stands in crotch-roped humiliation, though her balance is aided by a vertical rope connected to rings overhead! Lilly's bare soles and bottom receive more prominent exposure when the hapless young beauty kneels precariously on a chair!

"Appearances can be deceiving" is a maxim whose truth Natalie Nice learned the hard way after she brought cute, funny little Shyla Jennings home from a party for some after-hours fun! Once they reached Natalie's bedroom, off came Shyla's mask of affability and on went the ropes around the stunned young woman's voluptuous body! As Natalie squirmed naked, bound and ball-gagged on her bed, larcenous Shyla gleefully removed cash and credit cards from her purse, while also managing to cop a few feels of her vulnerable flesh!

After convincingly portraying a bad girl, Shyla shines in a solo submissive role! Stripped naked, wide-eyed Shyla kneels in bondage on a bed, her lips spread by a ball- gag and her pussy spread by a crotch-rope! The petite captive begs wordlessly for release, but her pleas are answered instead by a hogtie garnished with a twist of string that forces both of her size-5 bare feet into unified restraint!

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