Sexy Topless Strugglers

Release Date: Jun.03.2011
Running Time: 0:50:9
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Judith Eurfrat, Kara Dax, Lena Shelby, Layla Rose, Sienna Milano, Aiden Ashley, Celeste Star, Jana Jordan


Judith Eufrat gets a taste of bondage from the bottom when she's spreadeagled on top of Kara Dax! Both girls are tape-gagged, bound and naked except for garter stockings, but it's Judith's enticing bare bottom that's the prime target for punishment when their captor wields a paddle!


Lena Shelby's plan to sun herself by the pool takes a bizarre turn after a stalker ropes the luscious bare-breasted blonde to the diving-board, tape- gags her and watches her squirm!


Wine-glasses in their hands, Layla Rose and Sienna Milano celebrate the success of a scheme that left them well-healed and a former partner well- screwed! But neither of them are laughing behind their tape-gags once their vengeful victim separates Layla and Sienna from their clothing, trusses them to their chairs and promises the frightened girls an uncertain future!


Lusting after Aiden Ashley's sweet slender body, Judith Eufrat overpowers her and ties her up! After stuffing cloth in Aiden's mouth and gagging her, Judith eagerly opens her struggling captive's top and plays with her breasts!


Booted, masked and handy with rope, La Bandida enjoys wreaking havoc on innocent girls like Celeste Star and Jana Jordan! Just to make sure they won't forget her, she snares the naked girls as they stand back-to-back with their wrists bound around each other's waists! Tape-gagged, crotch-roped and defenseless, Celeste and Jana writhe and whimper while La Bandida insolently fondles their bare bodies! 


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