Not So Tough When You're Tied Up

Release Date: Nov.29.2012
Running Time: 0:48:17
Category: Men In Bondage

Starring: Dane, Jamie Lynn, Anton, Samantha Ryan, John, Randy Moore, Wolf Hudson, Presley Hart, Aaron, Cassie Laine, Max, Lena Shelby

Nobody wants to be taken hostage, but if it has to happen, you could do a lot worse than become sexy escaped convict Jamie Lynn's bound and gagged prisoner! Once she's taken Dane to her hideout, Jamie strips her boy-toy to his boxers, straddles him as he lies tape -gagged on a couch and teases him unmercifully with her bare breasts!

In search of sensual adventure, Anton permits Samantha Ryan to tie him up in his speedos and ball-gag him! And, if it's domination he's looking for, Samantha doesn't disappoint; after slipping off her shoes, she forcefully presses her bare feet against his face and body! When Samantha uses her talented toes to twist Anton's nipples, you're going to wince like they were your own!

No-nonsense cat burglar Randy Moore completely intimidates John, whom she forces to kneel before tying and tape-gagging the faint-hearted young man! Once Randy's emptied his safe and scrammed with the loot, the bound and gagged victim rolls around on the floor in an unsuccessful effort to escape his restraint!

Wolf's not nearly as tough as his name, otherwise he wouldn't find himself in an embarrassing bind courtesy of Presley Hart! Squirming cleave-gagged on his back, Wolf tugs futilely at the ropes binding his wrists before him and connecting them to the metal- wired headboard of the bed where he lies as Presley's captive! When the mischievous girl shows up to mock him, Wolf grunts angrily but is powerless to free himself!

Cassie Laine has that angelic look, but would be more likely to use a diabolically-oriented vocabulary to describe her! Under the circumstances however, Aaron has to keep his opinions to himself since Cassie's taped his mouth and tied him to the metal bars of a discarded jail cell while she's holding him for ransom! Cassie becomes impatient when the payoff's delayed, so she adds to humiliation by pulling down his pants!

Lena Shelby is annoyed with Max's unwillingness to help out with household chores and when he scornfully rejects her request for assistance by referring to these tasks as "woman's work", she goes ballistic. Catching Max off-guard, Lena ties him up with the broom jammed between his arms and tapes his mouth. After ranting at him, she teases him with her breasts and bare feet, reminding him how nice she can be if he cooperates!

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Oh ye this got me off!!!!:))))