Bound By Betrayal

Release Date: Sep.28.2012
Running Time: 0:44:11
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Chloe Lynn, Lola Foxx, Cassie Laine, Keira Kelly, Keira Kelly, Cassie Laine, Ashley Bennett, Lexi Bloom, Shyla Jennings, Natalie Nice

Chloe Lynn and Lola Foxx really enjoy their work -- which is understandable since it consists of slipping into the homes of attractive women, binding and gagging them, then looting the premises! But it never occurred to them that even nastier thieves might be shadowing their footsteps until they were jolted with a sour dose of their own medicine! Their vulnerable nude bodies restrained with rope, their lips sealed with duct tape, even their toes tied, Chloe and Lola vividly experience the humiliating helplessness they'd blithely bestowed on their pretty victims! After all, there's nothing like a hogtie to make a girl reconsider her choice of career!

Once Keira Kelly broke into Cassie Laine's apartment, she was in no hurry to leave! And who could blame her, since Keira'd made a roped-up little package of ultra-cute Cassie, silencing her with tape and tethering her to a railing so she could conduct a leisurely examination of the petite girl's nighty-clad body! Excited by Cassie's wide- eyed resistance, Keira deftly bared her breasts, pulled down her panties and let her fingers roam as she towered over the barefoot prisoner! The sneak-thief finally curtailed her recreation in order to carry out her larcenous agenda, confident that Cassie's struggles would remain pathetically futile!

Revenge is easy to imagine, more difficult to accomplish, but Cassie proved equal to the task! Not long before, Keira had insolently fondled her; now, stripped to her panties, bound and ball- gagged, the red- haired bad girl moaned and drooled while Cassie repaid her with interest! Delighted by the reversal in roles she'd created, Cassie reveled in Keira's submission, then pushed her onto the floor, where she writhed desperately against bondage made even harsher by a wrist-ankle tether!

It's a beautiful day, so Ashley Bennett convinces housemate Lexi Bloom to strip naked so they can do some serious sunbathing! But before the girls can begin to work on their tans, they're rudely interrupted by intruders with a huge supply of rope -- most of which they use to bind the understandably nervous nudes to a pair of chairs! Their lips separated by cleave-gags, Lexi and Ashley undulate unhappily in bondage while evildoers do their thing!

Natalie Nice isn't a bad person, but she can only be pushed so far! Doing the pushing is greedy little blackmailer Shyla Jennings, who regrets her extortionate ways after Natalie strikes back by trussing and tape-gagging her, then contacting a shadowy friend to help her make the Shyla problem go away! While they wait for his arrival, Natalie can't resist stroking her luscious captive's tempting tits and generally enjoying her control of the squirming bound bitch!

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