Grab and Bind: Kobe Lee

Release Date: Jun.03.2011
Running Time: 0:52:53
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Kobe Lee


Idealistic Kobe Lee wants to fight political corruption, but the bosses battle back with brutal and humiliating bondage!


When Kobe meets with Nikki Nefarious at her office, she believes that Nikki wants to join her good-government initiative. In reality, she's a ruthless operative for the political machine looting the city treasury! When Nikki probes for the names of others who've joined Kobe's group, she grows suspicious -- but it's too late for Kobe! Her treacherous guest gestures for partner Loren Chance to join her; together, the two women easily overpower the stunned young woman! In the course of several terrifying minutes, they double- team Kobe, gag her and expertly bind her into a helpless ball on the floor of her office! While the innocent girl writhes and whimpers, they search for information about her organization but fail to discover the membership list they hoped to find! Returning their focus to Kobe, they remove her gag and demand that she divulge the names of her associates! When Kobe courageously refuses, they drag her away while threatening to make her talk by any means necessary! * Nikki and Loren are as good as their word: stripped to her panties, a brave but frightened Kobe rides a bondage horse while hshe's trussed into excruciating immobility with sinister black rope! After Kobe once again refuses to betray her friends, they ball-gag her, then diabolically ice her nipples and soles! Despite her misery, Kobe refuses to break, so her inquisitors tie her down to the horse and leave her folded and drooling!


Kobe's ordeal escalates after Nikki and Loren move her into a strappado! Naked now and still ball-gagged, Kobe yearns to end her torment, but won't endanger the other members of her group by surrendering to her captor's demands! Once more, the sneering women twist and ice Kobe's nipples while she squeals and drools around her ball-gag! As she struggles hopelessly, Kobe's sickened by the pleasure Nikki and Loren manifest in her physical distress!


Angered by Kobe's resistance, Nikki and Loren tie her hands above her head as she lies on a bed, then spread her legs wide and tether them to the bedposts by ropes around her ankles! While Kobe lies naked, tape-gagged and defenseless on her back, the angry but aroused women loom over her to assault her breasts and yank on her crotch-rope! Under pressure from their clients, Nikki and Loren push Kobe for her knowledge, but, despite her near-exhaustion, she continues to frustrate them!


Trussed-up naked and shivering in a drafty old garage, Kobe fears the worst! Wearily shaking her head in a final act of resistance to their shrill interrogation, Kobe understands that something has changed in their attitude; Nikki and Loren seem almost indifferent as they push her onto a box and hogtie her! For an instant, Kobe hopes that they'll simply leave, but their whispers convince her that they have other plans for their obstinate captive. Naked, hogtied and tape-gagged, Kobe's still at their mercy -- and mercy's in very short supply where Nikki and Loren are concerned! 


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