Bare Breasted, Barefoot And Bound

Release Date: Nov.21.2016
Running Time: 0:51:5
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Nina North, Lena Anderson, Kristen Scott, Scarlett Sage, Megan Sage, Jenna Sativa

Seized by an intruder, delicate little Nina North sits in a chair, tied hand and foot and gagged with a white cleave! Nina's misadventure becomes even more alarming when she's untied by the fugitive female, who then orders her to remove her dress! After she's more elaborately bound to the chair in her bra and panties, barefoot Nina writhes anxiously while the escaped con tries on her dress; on her way out, the cynical woman exposes the whimpering Nina's exquisite breasts. 

In ordinary circumstances, petite Kristen Scott would be a most unlikely candidate to dominate six-foot-tall Lena Anderson. But since a helpful colleague has roped Lena to a chair in her bra and panties and gagged her with microfoam tape, Kristen's free to be mean to her towering rival! Lena's bared breasts receive most of the unwanted attention from mischievous Kristen, whose leather ankle boots also threaten the bound blonde's naked feet! But Kristen's dominant adventure comes to a screeching halt when her sneaky partner ties and gags her, then arranges her on Lena's lap so that the squirming pixie straddles the long-legged beauty breast-to-breast! 

Kicking back in a short pink top, short denim shorts and sneakers, Scarlett Sage isn't expecting visitors but they arrive anyway and place the cute little blonde in bondage! Scarlett squirms as she sits tied and tape- gagged on her bed, then rolls around indignantly after her breasts and feet are bared! Poor Scarlett's encounter with her unwelcome guests isn't complete until her soft little feet are hitched close to her hands in a hogtie!

Megan Sage is sleeping quietly when a red-nailed hand reaches out to cover her mouth; shocked awake, Megan's unable to call out for help and soon stands bound to a bedpost in her short red nighty! Gagged with duct tape, Megan murmurs apprehensively as her wide eyes glance around the bedroom that's no longer her safe haven. Humiliation follows for the lovely brunette when her breasts are exposed, then her mysterious oppressor alters Megan's bondage by placing her facedown on the bed, her bare feet tethered to the metal footrail!

When the technicians go home, the bad guys come out to play, which is why luscious little Jenna Sativa finds herself pinned to a wooden chair by a web of rope and squirming before a green screen! Tape-gagged Jenna's situation becomes more difficult when she's ordered to raise her cross- ankled legs onto a platform so that her shapely bare feet are more prominently displayed; when she proves reluctant to comply, her legs are hitched in place and her wrinkled naked soles receive the attention they deserve. 

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