Bikini Bondage Battle

Release Date: Mar.06.2014
Running Time: 0:50:35
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Vanessa Veracruz, Erika Jordan, Carol Luna, Gigi Allens, Lauren Clare, Layla Sin

Vanessa Veracruz and Erika Jordan both look great in bikinis, but only one can win a modeling contract so Erika decides to eliminate the competition! Once she has Vanessa neatly trussed up on the floor in her bright red bikini and gagged with duct tape, Erika toys with her angry captive, then strips off her top and leaves. Vanessa's not going down without a fight so after struggling desperately she rises to her feet with a burst of energy and hops away.

When Erika returns to check on Vanessa, she's ambushed by her rival, who's managed to free herself! Delighted to give Erika a taste of her own medicine, Vanessa removes her top and fondles the bound and gagged prisoner's rope-webbed breasts. Now it's Erika's turn to writhe in frustration on the hardwood floor while her competitor slips off to schmooze with the bikini baron.

Vanessa's perplexed when the bikini boss seems pleased to find that she's tied and gagged Erika. He slyly suggests that both girls display the qualities required by successful bondage models and that he'd like to put them to the test. Once they agree, Erika and Vanessa kneel naked and bound on a couch; their mouths filled with red ball-gags, the one-time rivals undulate breast-to-breast in a pulsating display of sensual submissive affection!

Carol Luna's luscious red lips are spread by a wad of white cloth and covered by strips of semi-transparent tape -- and that's the least of her problems! Even more troubling for Carol is the ropework compressing her lithe nude body into a ball-tie that draws her knees close to her chest as she sits and wriggles hopelessly on a bed. Carol's mobility becomes even more restricted when she's placed on her side and a wrist- ankle tether pulls her toe-tied bare feet next to her bottom.

Does the scarlet letter drawn above the bare breasts of Gigi Allens signify that she's guilty of sinful behavior? Don't bother asking Gigi because she's gagged with a knotted cleave and kneels naked and bound, her nether lips punished with a crotch-rope! Gigi's bright eyes plead for mercy but instead her voluptuous body's disciplined with a fold-tie that presses her breasts against her thighs.

Blonde sprite Lauren Clare and exotic beauty Layla Sin meet for the first time as they stand next to each other as sisters in captivity. Naked, gagged with duct tape and bound into squirming statues, Lauren and Layla eye their surroundings apprehensively as they try to maintain their balance. If there was any possibility of escape, it disappears after the girls are seated in chairs with their arms secured behind the wooden framework, though they persist in challenging the ropework with their soft bodies!

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