News Flash: Two Hot Girls Bound And Gagged

Release Date: Nov.21.2016
Running Time: 0:49:55
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Blair Williams, Hayden Hennessey

A desperate man recruited Blair Williams and Hayden Hennessey to play starring roles in his depraved drama!

Hard-working Blair Williams had just returned home and kicked off her shoes when she realized she was not alone! Blair ran but was cornered by a black-hooded figure who bound her hands behind her, gagged her with a knotted black cloth and tightened a long rope above and below her ample breasts! After seating the dazed young executive on the floor, he tied her ankles together; when Blair remained too mobile for his tastes, he drew her legs closer to her body with a waist-ankle linkage. As she rolled about awkwardly, one question loomed large in Blair's mind: Why me? 

Soon after, at a location not far away, petite Hayden Hennessey struggled through her own harrowing encounter with the man in black! Seized just before she reached the front door of her home, barefoot Hayden twisted in disbelief as she was bound and gagged in nearly identical fashion to Blair's awful experience! Despite her bondage, the courageous girl wriggled back toward the door and tried to unlock it with her toes, but instead of escaping, Hayden's initiative earned her a new position facedown on the floor, where the insatiable villain swiftly hogtied her! 

Blair and Hayden had never met before and their first time together was not one they'd remember happily -- stripped to their bras and panties, the two bewildered young women sat bound on a couch! For a few moments, they spoke nervously and tried to make sense of their strange plight, but their conversation was rudely interrupted by the reappearance of the fearsome man, who stuffed cloth in their mouths, then completed their gags with duct tape! While they sat before him in bondage, he ranted toward a newly- activated camcorder, accusing Blair and Hayden of wicked behavior and promising the local citizenry that their sins would be punished! After finishing his bizarre speech, he ignored the confused targets of his indignation; left to themselves, they writhed with desperate futility until Blair lay gasping on the carpet. 

Once again the unfortunate girls found themselves in the foreground of another fanatical declaration by the man who had dragged them from their pleasant life into his crazed world! Both were bare-breasted and Blair sat trussed and tethered to a bed's headboard while Hayden faced her as she sat hitched at the foot of the bed. The obsessed man once again made scapegoats of the innocent women in his manic speech to the camera; Blair and Hayden were powerless to do any thing more than listen to the verbal madness and pathetically stretch out their toe-tied bare feet to each other! Later, to purge their sinfulness, the tape- gagged couple were tethered to the headboard kneeling side-by-side! 

Naked and trembling, the unlikely pair stood next to each other and leaned against a wall -- tall and buxom Blair and tiny, slender Hayden murmured nervously to each other through their tape-gags. As they balanced uneasily on bare feet, these partners in jeopardy turned back-to-back and attempted to loosen their wrist bonds, then Blair bent down so she and Hayden could try to free their mouths of the hated duct- tape! Their efforts failed, they remained in bondage when their nemesis approached to inform them that it was time for them to face the camera for the third time; on this occasion they would be starkly displayed on a table, their bodies folded by waist-ankle tethers! As Hayden and Blair huddled together, the hopelessness of their plight was more evident than ever -- unfathomable evil was about to triumph!  

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