Perfectly Wrapped Girls

Release Date: Jun.01.2012
Running Time: 0:41:11
Category: Wrapped Up Tight

Starring: Ainsley Addison, Anna Belle, Cassie Laine, Dani Daniels, Lady Monroe

Ainsley Addison stars in a grungy episode that features the buxom blonde wrapped in plastic and shiny black tape and held captive in a dingy garage! Ainsley supplies plenty of noise despite her tape-gag and continues to struggle in a spirited fashion although her morale's undoubtedly affected by the humiliation of dirt-encrusted bare soles and plastic-cutting incursions that expose her breasts and pussy!

There's a dramatic, Gypsy-girl quality to the gyrations of Anna Belle when she's wrapped in plastic and duct tape! Anna's dark eyes flash and her lush body twists in indignant resistance to her plight, even after she's left on display in a window seat!

If there's a prize for cutest wrapped captive, Cassie Laine has to be the winner! Folded so that her knees touch her breasts, Cassie's shaped into a plastic ball that's secured by windings of pink tape; a few more strips of tape that cover the mini-model's mouth succeed in stifling her cries as she squirms on top of a kitchen island!

It almost seems criminal to make a mummy of voluptuous Dani Daniels but the shining silver duct tape that covers her from ankles to shoulders and seals her lips compels us to appreciate the charms we left unwrapped -- Dani's expressive eyes and tempting bare feet!

Another wrapping subject who's small but feisty, Lady Monroe receives special treatment after the initial layer of plastic embraces her. Alternating swaths of red tape and transparent tape press the plastic more tightly to her body while the transparent fabric also covers Lady M's cloth-stuffed mouth!

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