Presley Hart Pussy Bound

Release Date: Mar.15.2013
Running Time: 0:42:45
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Presley Hart

Feisty bondage princess Presley Hart opens up like never before!

Presley's spread-legged odyssey begins with the naked girl roped onto a chaise lounge. Her arms bound behind her and legs frogged with symmetrical perfection, Presley's already in plenty of trouble, but blue-haired Amazon Loren Chance is happy to double her displeasure! After stuffing Presley's mouth with a large wad of cloth, Loren tapes it in place, then eagerly fondles the wriggling captive's breasts!

Presley's exhibitors choose a more uncomfortable venue for the spunky prisoner: her bare bottom's perched on a wooden stair and thigh ropes anchored to railings on either side pull her legs apart! Presley's pretty pussy hosts a snug crotch-rope while her mouth opens wide for an even larger portion of mouth stuffing than before, courtesy of ever-thoughtful Loren. Her toes tied and breasts framed by multiple strands of rope, Presley's utterly vulnerable to Loren's lustful attentions!

"Dance, Presley, dance!" are the words inspired by the sight of the tape-gagged Ms. Hart hopping awkwardly on her left foot becuase her right leg has been frogged and suspended by a rope connected above her head! An arm-bar secured by multiple strands forces Presley's breasts into prominence but admirers of her pussy will also appreciate the views of her nether regions made possible as she spins dizzily!

Proving that office work may have unexpected hazards, Presley spreads wide in her chair, ankles tied back and dress hiked up so that the alluring secretary's open for business! Duct tape sealing her lips muffles wide- eyed Presley's protests when insolent hands pull down her top and toy with her tits before sneaking down to her snatch! Presley twists vigorously in the chair but her fingers can't quite reach the computer keyboard to tap out a request for rescue!

When Presley's finally allowed some horizontal time, her enjoyment's drastically diminished because she's spread-eagled on the bed, her pussy-lips invaded by a crotch-rope that appears ready to take up permanent residence! Game as ever, Presley writhes from side to side while moaning through her tape-gag, but those groping hands continue to explore her soft little body!

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