The Hogtie Conspiracy

Release Date: Aug.17.2015
Running Time: 0:52:42
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Kylie Sinner, Cherie DeVille, Tomi Taylor, Alexa Grace, Keira Nicole, Charlotte Stokely, Samantha Hayes

When she heard strange sounds coming from the first floor, Kylie Sinner should have huddled upstairs and called for help. Instead, fresh from the shower, the towel-clad hottie walked downstairs; there she lost the towel and her freedom after she was ordered to gag herself with mouth packing and duct tape! Kylie had plenty of time to regret her decision while she writhed naked, bound and gagged on a red carpet. As a parting gift, the intruders hogtied the dark-haired beauty; perhaps they wanted a better look at Kylie's size-10 bare soles! 

It's hard to believe that two such forceful and dynamic women as Tomi Taylor and Cherie Deville could be so completely under the control of evildoers, but the evidence is there for all to see -- naked, tightly trussed with black rope and gagged with duct tape over med-wrap, Tomi and Cherie are seated next to each other on a bed! The hot blonde MILF and luscious brunette Amazon don't surrender easily, instead twisting indignantly in bondage that simply won't release them. Even when hogties bow their nude bodies, Cherie and Tomi continue to arch defiantly -- not that these courageous women actually have a chance of escaping! 

Bound hand and foot, gagged with duct tape, lovely long-legged Alexa Grace rolls about energetically on a couch, but those long legs will soon be folded up close to her hands! Alexa's not naked, but her barely-there bra and thong panties leave little to the imagination; there's even less work for the imagination to do when her bra and panties are pulled down! But it's the hogtie that completes Alexa's subjugation and assures that her bare bottom and bare soles will not be ignored! 

Keira Nicole was disoriented -- not a surprising situation considering that the tall blonde was naked, blindfolded and her wrists tied behind her! A silent figure pushed her through a door and seated her on a low table, then stuffed cloth in her mouth and sealed it in place with duct tape. When he removed the blindfold, Keira saw that her escort was a hooded, black- clad figure and that she'd been brought to a small, dark room whose walls were lined with shelves full of odds and ends. Without a word, the ominous figure hobbled Keira's legs by tying her ankles and knees, then relentlessly coiled rope above and below her breasts until her arms were pinned to her body. When the stranger left without a word, Keira struggled frantically on the table, but her futile contortions were abruptly ended when he returned and rolled Keira onto her stomach. Raising the whimpering heroine's legs until her bare feet nearly touched her hands, the mysterious villain hogtied Keira for display to his even more sinister client!

A mystery begins to unfold as we watch Charlotte Stokely sensually stroke bound and gagged nude Samantha Hayes, who's standing against a wall; suddenly Charlotte turns to us and asks "Is this what you want?" There's no answer, but in an instant roles are reversed with blonde Charlotte undulating in naked bondage under Samantha's lustful fondling; before long, the long-haired temptress asks an identical question. Does the answer finally arrive when Charlotte and Samantha lie hogtied next to each other on the dining table? As they arch high off the table and murmur behind their duct-tape gags, the seductive pair seems surprised by the outcome of a situation they thought was under their control! 

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