Stripped and Bound!

Release Date: Sep.28.2012
Running Time: 0:51:45
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Andrea Neal, Jeanie Rivers, Tiffany Holiday, Jolene Decero, Taylor Moore, Holly Sampson, Julianna Stirling

Proving once more that the world's a perilous place for skimpily-clad heroines, luscious Andrea Neal squirms on the floor in a spread-eagle! Gorgeous gamines Jeanie Rivers and Tiffany Holiday take turns exploiting each other's helplessness. Compelling Jolene Decero loses most of her clothes when surprised and tied by an intruder! Sweet little Gina Caruso, stripped naked and hogtied by Cheyenne Landers, seems totally at her captor's mercy. But Cheyenne's taste for spirits allows Gina to turn the tables! Taylor Moore's bare tanned body succumbs to the ropes of a man she never should have trusted. Trussed together naked, Holly Sampson's and Julianna Sterling's struggles blend apprehension and eroticism!

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