Couples In Rope Captivity

Release Date: Aug.17.2015
Running Time: 0:49:21
Category: Captured Couples

Starring: Holly Manning, Axel Aces, Alix Lynx, Max Evergreen, Karla Kush, Robby Echo, Madi Meadows, Chris Rainer, Cherie DeVille, Logan Pierce

Holly Manning's eyes are wide and worried, which is understandable considering she's sitting tied and gagged in a chair next to her desk and an empty safe! Executive Axel gets the same treatment after he discovers his secretary's plight; both are pinned to their chairs with rope tethers. Seems a former client believes Axel has ripped him off, so he takes revenge by plundering the office safe, then enjoying Axel and Holly's contortions. After he leaves, Holly slips off her shoes and tries to loosen Axel's bonds with her bare toes.

Policewoman Alix Lynx struggles bound and gagged while a bad guy taunts her about grabbing her and partner Max Evergreen, who's brought in later stripped to his underwear and bound and tape gagged next to Alix!

Trussed-up and tape-gagged, a hot blonde nude sits on her bed and eyes her surroundings apprehensively; it's Karla Kush, who's the pawn in a larger scheme that only becomes clear when Robby Echo arrives home! Caught by surprise, Robby Echo is commanded to strip to his boxers, then joins Karla Kush in bondage. After the gloating villain explains the purpose of his visit, the imperiled couple writhe desperately together on the bed, rolling onto their sides as they try to loosen their bonds!

Hot model Madi Meadows is excited about working with a top female photographer; what she doesn't know is that the older woman is seething that Madi stole her boyfriend Chris Rainer. So while the luscious brunette's rocking her schoolgirl costume, she's stunned by the enraged shutterbug's bitter accusations. Roped to a chair and gagged, Madi trembles! The rival bares scared school girl Madi Meadows breasts while Chris is treated to similar restraint! Before leaving, the scorned woman ties Madi's stockinged feet onto Chris's lap to the accompaniment of obscene taunts!

When her suspicious husband catches horny teacher Cherie DeVille making out with student Logan Pierce, he goes off the deep end and ties them up. Feisty Cherie DeVille is not easily intimidated, so she continues to cuddle with the much less enthusiastic Logan despite her rope-and-tape-gag handicap until hubby departs in disgust! 

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